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Amazing Gag Gifts for a 60th Birthday

Gag gifts make some of the best presents for any occasion. Here are some funny gift ideas for a 60th birthday, which are bound to make the recipient laugh.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Last Updated: Jul 3, 2018
Gag gifts always have a special place for the recipient amongst those expensive and useful gifts. They are usually inexpensive and are intended to make the recipient laugh. It can be a really funny piece or just a few crazy words written over an item that will play up the excitement of the present.
If you are finding a gift for a person entering the 6th decade of their existence, presenting them something funny is the best idea. So, here are some gift ideas which you can opt for.
Funny Gifts for 60th Birthday
Chore Charts
Child Reward or Chore Chart
Yes, remember the blank chore chart you used during your childhood? Hmmm...that's a great idea.
These are often used by parents to assign tasks to their kids and help the kids remember their duties and evaluate the work done at the end of the month or week. Another idea can be a set of colorful post-its. You can also gift a nicely decorated note book and which is named as 'memory book'.
Box of Medicines
Well, you could gift boxes of fake medicines. You can pick one of the various fake pills available online or in the market and pack them in a box to prepare a funny package. Pills like hangover, fartattack, oldpower, chillout, husband-aid, etc., can be added.
Inflatable Walkers
These are just like the regular walkers used by senior citizens, albeit these need to be inflated. Once inflated, you can see a panic button, caution signs, etc., making it the funniest piece. You can also give walking stick with a horn which is also a popular retirement gag gift.
Gag Basket
This can include a bald head and a gray hair wig. You can also add dentures which will be the best part of this gift basket. Well, don't forget to add a magnifying glass and a large black eyeglass frame. Also adding some anti-aging creams, face-lift creams, arthritis balm, etc., is an awesome idea.
Funny Mug
There are some gifts that are useful as well as funny enough to make the person laugh. How about a toilet shaped mug? Yes this looks just amazing when you fill in coffee.
You can think of many more funny ideas considering the hobbies and profession of the person you want to present it to. Other gifts like t-shirts, mugs, plates with funny quotes are gifts that will make one laugh. You can also present a useful and expensive item like recliner with the funny gift basket.
Set of funny books and DVDs, box of candies, or maxi pad slippers can add more fun element to the entire gift package. Wrapping these gifts creatively is the last part of making the gift more attractive. How about having coffin shaped boxes? Well, just try and heighten the fun element!