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Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Rajib Singha Oct 23, 2018
Finding the perfect gift for your girlfriend on her birthday is no less difficult than finding a needle in a haystack. But fret not. To help you get the job done, here are some helpful tips.
Choosing a birthday gift for your girlfriend, needless to say, is different from what you choose for your family or friends. Before zeroing in on the perfect gift for your girlfriend, make a list which may comprise her likes and her hobbies. It is also important to take her temperament and character into account before taking the final decision.
Also important it is to remember that a pricey gift may not always stand up to your girlfriend's expectations. Haste and money are two things that can ruin the choice of your gift. Your special gift for her should mirror your effort and earnest thoughts that went behind its selection.
Symbolizing the gift as the status of your relationship also works wonders in impressing the birthday girl. And if you can get access to your girl's secret wish list, then probably you would not need to read this. But since you are reading it, here are some gift ideas that you can give a thought about.

Pearl Her Heart Away

Known as a symbol of purity and innocence, pearls have always been timeless and elegant. They also symbolize love and passion. Some folklore attribute them as the teardrops of the moon. A strand of pearls surpasses all other gifts.
These precious gems are not only available in a traditional cream color, but also in pink, black, iridescent, and more.

An Audio CD With Her Name On It

Among all the things that your girlfriend shares with you, her favorite songs and music genre are things that you should be aware of.
So what do you say of the idea of composing a CD having all her favorite songs? Make a collection of rare and splendid songs that may not be found in music stores.
This can be a great way to show that you have spent a good deal of time only to come up with a birthday gift for her. When you are gift-wrapping the CD, write some birthday quotes on it, along with her initials.

Compose A Birthday Poem for Her

Writing a poem for your lover on her birthday is the most time-tested gift you can ever think of. Don't worry if you are not a 'poet kinda guy'. Simply get a pen, a paper, and use the ink to pour your heart out.
Take care of spellings and the grammar though! The words do matter, but it is your thoughts and effort that count more. And do not forget to carry a box of chocolate as well, just to create that extra magic!

Soft Toys

When it comes to stuffed toys, age takes a back seat, or probably goes down into the boot. The level of excitement that you would see in a teenager when you gift her a stuffed teddy, would not be a degree less when you do the same for a 30 year old woman.
You may get bogged down by the idea of buying such a gift because it is most likely that your girlfriend has many of them already. But be known that this is a myth! Stuffed toys are a weakness of ladies. Even if their room is flooded with them, somehow they always have space for a new one.

How About Some Wine?

Everyone likes wine, and more when it is presented as a gift. Get her a bottle of wine with her name on it in intricate calligraphy. It may be expensive for some, but it's worth the smile on your girl's face. Moreover, birthdays comes just once a year!

A Romantic Dinner

Make hay while the sun shines! If you have been thinking of proposing your girlfriend, then no other day would be better to do it than her birthday itself. Take her out on a romantic dinner, present her with a lovely wedding band, and ask for her hand.
The gift having a touch of love, simplicity and thoughtfulness, is the best gift of all. Even a simple chocolate-flavored cake baked by you will taste more delicious than the costliest of confectioneries. Make your girlfriend's birthday a special one in your own special way!