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Good Places to Have a Birthday Party

Neha Joshi Mar 14, 2019
Wondering what some good places to have a birthday party are? Well, throwing a birthday party is nothing short of a social need now, isn't it? For this reason, we have some amazingly unique places listed here, that are great options for you to have a birthday party that is sure to rock! Check them out!
We are always searching for some good places to throw a birthday party, or any party for that matter, isn't it? We have enough parties throughout the year that take up most of our quota of ideas. A birthday party requires more special a place for celebration. Of course, everyone wants their party to be the best and more importantly, better than the rest.
A lot goes to find a good place for a party, but we've just made it easier for you here. Mentioned here are a few places where you can throw your birthday party. There are places for the adventurous types and then for those who like it quiet. Also included are some birthday party places for kids, and accompanying them are some wonderful themes.
It is advised that you read through all the places, as something unexpected might just come up. Just a good place isn't going to make your party successful, so make sure you do justice to the decorations, the food and the favors too. Plan out all the arrangements well in time to make the party more fun.

Awesome Places to Throw a Birthday Party

The Beach

One of the best places to throw a birthday party is the beach. Those who like a lot of fun can have some games at the beach and cut the cake in the evening. You can also build tents near the beach and camp there throughout the night.
For those who are fond of the calm, can have a small campfire at a quiet beach and celebrate the day (and night) there. You can keep a Hawaiian theme for this birthday and take the food with you or cook it there, a barbecue being a really nice idea.

The World of Disney

Have you ever thought of throwing a party at Disney World? This one tops the kids birthday party places, doesn't it? You can take all your friends there and everyone can have all the fun they want. This can be a one day birthday celebration for the kids, whereas the youngsters can continue the celebration at a discotheque later on.
The best part about throwing a party at Disney World is that you don't have to make any arrangements. The food and the fun is taken care of at the venue itself. To make it more interesting, you can ask everyone to dress up as a Disney character of their choice.

Welcome to The Jungle

This is my personal favorite among all the good places to have a birthday party. Decide a place in one of the nearby forests and trek your way up there. You can also choose a small hillock, or a safe place in the nearby woods.
This birthday, you can cut your cake in the middle of nowhere in a jungle. If this is being planned for a group of kids, it has to be compulsorily under parental guidance. Barbecue is an option here too. The kids can have the theme of Jungle Book, while youngsters can settle for a more Tarzan-based theme.


For those who have the riches, a yacht would be the perfect place for a birthday party. You can rent a yacht for a few friends and in the middle of the sea, you can have a party till the sun rises.
A theme of pirates would be a hit here. The food will have to be taken care of, as going back to land isn't possible until morning. Make sure you are well equipped with emergency devices on board. If not a yacht, a mini cruise ship on the nearby river is also an option.

Home Sweet Home

The house remains one of the best place to have a birthday party, so let's see how to make this better. For those who think that home isn't a good place to have a birthday party, you'll don't know how to throw one. Select a theme that will bring enthusiasm with it.
For example, you can ask people to pair up in couples and dress like famous celebrity couples or you can also request them to do a complete makeover. Ghosts, vampires, Dracula are also some options. Change the entire look of your home. Bring in some exciting games and let the truckload of alcohol do its work.
After knowing all these good places to have a birthday party, you can surely plan your birthday party better and faster, isn't it? All these places are exceptionally brilliant for a birthday party, if you know how to make the best out of them.
Choose a place that suits your liking the best, and also look at the feasibility of these options as this will vary, depending on the number of people invited and those willing to come to the place you choose. Start preparing in time to have the best possible fun. Have a great Birthday!