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Homemade Birthday Cards for Kids

Megha Tiwari Apr 19, 2019
When you make homemade birthday cards for your kids, the smiles on their faces are going to be priceless! These cards have their own grace and beauty. Here are some amazing ways to present a customized card to your kid on his/her coming birthday.
Do you want to present a unique card to your child on this coming birthday, one that he/she remembers throughout his life? Then why don't you make something on your own!
How about homemade birthday cards for kids? We assure you, our ideas are going to help for sure. For this, you don't even need to think much because we have listed down some selective birthday card ideas for your loved ones.

Birthday Cards

Collage Card

Collect the pictures of all the favorite comic characters and things that are liked the most by your kid. Cut all the pictures in different patterns and stick them all in front of the card with some overlapping the others. You can also highlight the different pictures with the glittery highlighters of different colors.
Paint all the borders of the card with different colors to make it more attractive. These cards can be made in any shape, like oval, round, square, or rectangular. Isn't it easy to make one without much effort?

Popping Card

If you want to see an expression of surprise and happiness on the face of your child, then these cards would be perfect. Want to know how to make pop-up cards for your kid?
Sketch a funny face on a cardboard sheet and color it. Attach a spring behind it, and stick it inside the card at the center. The moment your child opens the card, the face will pop-up leaving a smile on his face.

Photo Frame Card

You can personalize your card by giving it a look of a photo frame and sticking a funny photograph of the birthday boy or girl on it.
Take a thick drawing sheet, and fold it into two halves. Paste a photograph on the front side of the card. Now, take another drawing sheet (not very thick), and cut it to the size of front of the card.
Further, mark the size of the photograph with a pencil on that sheet. Next, cut a rectangle in the middle of that sheet. See to it that it is smaller than the photograph image marked. Stick the frame that you have just made on the front of the photograph. Decorate the border of the frame with glitters and colors and write a cute birthday card message inside.

Spray-painted Card

Make a desired shape on a piece of paper, and place it on the front side of the card. Dip a toothbrush in color and spray it on the card (around the shape) with the help of your fingers.
Once you have finished doing this, remove the shape after the colors have dried. Write a birthday quote in the center of the shape, and decorate the border of the card with ribbons.

Events Record Card

These cards are full of all the major old memories and events till date.
Take a chart paper and reduce it to the size of a birthday card by folding. Stick a cute photograph of the receiver in front of the card. Stick all funny photographs with funny and emotional captions on each fold of the card. Put the photographs in the chronological order, right from the birth till present. The receiver is going to love this card for sure!

Star Card

Collect the photographs of all the favorite celebrities and stars born on the same day. This birthday card would make the recipient feel special and equally important. Stick the kid's photograph at the center of the card and glue rest of the pictures around that photograph.
Write an expressive caption saying that he or she is equally important to you as the celebrities or stars are for rest of the world.
Homemade birthday cards can be a treasure if they are made by children themselves using their imagination and creativity. They are a great way to encourage your children to brainstorm and come up with their own beautiful imaginations.
Allow them to say anything they want to say in their own words. You can even assist them in making these cute little cards. Photo frame and spray paint ideas are super easy and kids can make them too. These ideas will be great even for homemade birthday cards for moms and dads.
Apart from these card ideas, you can also generate you own innovative and creative birthday card greeting ideas to make your child happy.