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Homemade Edible Birthday Party Favors

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 12, 2019
Looking for some great ideas for edible homemade birthday party favors? Read on to get creative with your party favors.
A birthday party favor is a great way of expressing your gratitude towards your guests for attending your do. Candles, photo frames are some popular birthday party favors. However, giving away such things as favor may not be the best option after all.
Your guests are most likely to toss them away. If you really wish to give something useful as party favors, then you should probably think about edible favors. This way you can be assured that your guests make very good use of them as soon as they go home.

How to Make Edible Birthday Party Favors at Home

Edible birthday favors are very inexpensive and often easier to make yourself. These are just perfect as kids' party favors. If you make them in attractive shapes and bright colors, little ones are bound to love them. In case, you are unable to find time to make your own goodies, you can buy ready-made stuff and then decorate it at home.

Cup Cakes

You can either make cup cakes at home or buy them ready-made. Chocolate, fruit and nut are some flavors which kids absolutely love. If you are making cup cakes at home, place each of them on a piece of parchment paper that is attractively cut.
Make tiny boxes out of cardboard or stiff paper and decorate them with beads, sparklers etc. Carefully, place each cup cake in its box and close the lid. Tie a red or pink satin ribbon around the box and finish it in a classic bow.
In case you are planning to buy ready-made cup cakes, you can make icing at home and decorate them. You can draw flowers or funny shapes or you can mark each cup cake with the initials of each kid attending the party. The kids will be simply thrilled to have their name on the favor.


Baking cookies is simple and a fun filled activity. Bake a fresh batch of cookies and decorate them in an innovative way. You can cut the dough in various shapes such as flowers, cartoon characters, stars etc. A cookie cutter allows you to be creative with cookie shapes.
Buy some identical plastic jars and put a few cookies in each jar. You can get these jars at thrift stores or Dollar Store. Tie a satin ribbon around the jar and stick some interesting stickers on it.

Choco Dip Pretzels

Buy some pretzel rods from the store. Also buy sprinkles in attractive colors such as red, pink, blue etc. Break a few chocolate bars in a pot and put it on a stove. Turn the flame when the chocolate has melted completely.
Dip each pretzel rod in the chocolate till three quarters of its length. Immediately, roll the rod in a tray of sprinkles. Put the pretzel rod on a wax paper to let it dry. Wrap each pretzel in attractive wrapper, like a toffee.
You can also put a few pretzels in a decorative paper or cloth bag. Tie the bag with a satin ribbon and attach a bead in the middle of knot.
Other interesting homemade party favors include buying candies in attractive colors and wrapping them in cute little boxes. If possible, you can also make candles from edible materials. Besides, you can come up with your own ideas to make edible party favors according to the theme of your party.