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How to Make a Flower Birthday Cake

Rimlee Bhuyan Mar 14, 2019
A birthday cake has to look stunning and should have the 'wow' factor. One of the best way to jazz up a birthday is to make a flower birthday cake.
Nobody likes to have a plain birthday cake no matter how great it tastes. A birthday cake should not only taste delicious, but should also be great to look at. A well decorated birthday cake is what every birthday girl or boy looks forward to. A very popular design in birthday cakes is the flower birthday cake.
There are two ways in which you can make a flower birthday cake. One is to make a simple sponge cake or chocolate cake and then decorate it with flowers made with different types of icing. The other is to shape the cake like a flower and then cover it with plain butter icing or royal icing.
The first method of decorating a regular cake with flowers made with icing is a simpler method to master. Before you try to mold flowers with icing for your flower cake, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind.
You need to choose the right icing with the right consistency for making the icing flowers. The icing needs to be a bit stiff, so that it can hold the shape of the petals of flowers. If the icing is not of the right consistency, the flowers will simply not hold their shape and it will ruin the birthday cake.

Flower Birthday Cake Ideas

Some of the best icing for making a flower birthday cake is buttercream icing and royal icing. You can also make fondant flowers by using fondant for decorating a flower birthday cake. Whichever type of icing you choose, make sure that it is of the right consistency.
If you notice that the icing is not holding the shape of the flowers, then the icing is probably not stiff enough and you need to add a bit of icing sugar to it. On the other hand, if you notice cracks on the flowers, then the icing is probably too stiff and you need to add a bit of liquid. Here are some ideas on how to make flower birthday cake decorations.

How to Make a Carnation Icing Flower

To make a carnation flower with icing you need royal icing of a stiff consistency and a disposable piping bag. Place a wax paper on your work table and pour the royal icing inside the piping bag.
Attach a number 12 round decorating tip to the decorating bag and then pipe a small dot or ball on the waxing paper. Hold the piping bag at a ninety degree angle to the cake and pipe some stiff petals in the center of ball by using a wiggling up and down motion. Finish by piping some ruffled petals along the edge of the circle.
Your carnation icing flower is ready and you can use it to adorn the birthday cake. Make several carnation icing flowers in different colors and place them on top of the birthday cake for a beautiful flower birthday cake.

How to Make Drop Flowers

Piping drop flowers is one of the easiest icing flowers techniques. To make it, you need a piping bag and stiff buttercream icing. Hold the piping bag so that it is at a ninety degree angle to the cake. Squeeze the top of the piping bag and pipe a bit of icing on the cake.
When you have the desire drop flower size, lift the tip of the piping bag in one smooth motion. Attach a writing tip to the piping bag and pipe a small dot at the center of the drop flower. Use different colored buttercream icing to make small and medium-sized drop flowers to decorate the birthday cake.

How to Make a Rose Icing Flower

To make a rose icing flower you need frosting in pink color, a piping bag, rose tip, wax paper and a rose nail.
Pipe a small amount of frosting on the rose nail and then place the wax paper over it. This will ensure that the wax paper does not move when you start the icing process. Hold the piping bag over the rose tip at a ninety degree angle and then using medium pressure, squeeze out a bit of frosting on the center of the waxing paper.
Now rotate the rose pin as you steadily squeeze out icing in a swirling pattern. Squeeze the piping bag in an arc while rotating the rose pin in the other direction. Make three swirls in this way to make a small rose. The arcs should overlap each other so that they look like petals.
Once this is done, make five more swirls over the first ones, making sure that the edges are angled inwards. Your rose is ready. Slide the rose nail off the wax paper and place the rose in the refrigerator to harden before using it to decorate the birthday cake.
These were three flower decorations made with icing and frosting that you can use for making a flower birthday cake. Flower birthday cakes can make anyone's birthday more special and fun.