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How to Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

Mukta Gaikwad Sep 30, 2018
Making invitations on your own for your birthday party is a great way of inviting your family members. It is also a creative way of saving money, and yet having loads of fun. So, unleash your imagination to create the best invitations.
Birthdays are the most special days, and hence they demand for a celebration. Make your own birthday invitation card to personalize the events.
If the birthday party invitations are made properly, they will be preserved and cherished. Well done invitations for the birthday will be a right way of starting the glorious celebration of such a special day.

Invitation Cards for Birthday Party

What could be a better gift, than inviting all your loved ones, by sending out your handmade invitation cards? Sticking to the theme of the birthday party, will give you wonderful birthday card ideas.
Circus Theme is full of madness, with lots of stunts, and animals. Naturally, your invitation cards should sport the same spirit. A combination of red and blue will go perfectly with the circus theme.
Cut out a joker next to the wordings to show as though he is saying it. Draw a ring master around the date of the event and a write the venue in the picture of a tent.
Super Hero Theme demands something powerful. Cut out the super hero of your choice, write the message on his back. If your superhero wears a mask, then cut that out as a mask and make two holes at either of its end, so that your guests can wear it at the party.
Fairy Tale Themes are such a hit among girls birthday parties.
To make invites for the fairy tale birthday parties make them in castle shapes, with pastel colors, and calligraphic fonts. The birthday wordings can be written with glitter. To decorate the invitations, paste some pictures of little fairies, and pixies flying around it.
Heaven and Hell Theme is a riot of creativity at your disposal. Create some invites in red and black and a few in silver and white. The black and red invites can have the devil horns on top of them and the white and silver ones can have wings attached to them with a golden halo on top.
Send out these invites according to the personality of the potential attendees. It would be fun to see them turn up as angels and devils!
CDs make great birthday invites. You can make a CD of past videos and photographs as birthday invitations. This is a wonderful way to reminisce lost moments too. You can add a few songs to make it musical and put the message across.
The desired birthday invitation cards are not always available in the market. Hence making them will help you realize the unfulfilled dream. Moreover, it is a great way of saving money, that you would have otherwise spent in buying invites from the shops. Making your own invitations cards, permits you with creative liberty, which is at your discretion.