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30th Birthday Party Ideas

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Mar 12, 2019
Looking for some great ideas to celebrate a loved one's 30th birthday? Read on to know how you can throw a party that everyone will love and remember...
Entering the 30th year of your life can be quite enticing and exciting. Most of us are settled in our respective careers by this time. Most of us also have our own family to look after. This is the time to bid adieu to the crazy, youthful twenties, and enter a more mature phase of our lives.
However, that doesn't mean that you need to get all serious and broody about turning 30. This, in fact, is the perfect time to throw a great birthday bash. So if your partner is about to turn 30, make sure you plan a memorable birthday party for him or her, to celebrate the significant year of their life.

How to Ring In the 30th


Having a themed birthday party is a popular concept. So, if you are planning to have a house party for the birthday, you can come up with many party themes. Ideally, come up with the theme according to the birthday boy or girl's taste.
For instance, if your husband is into football, you can plan a football theme party, where all the guests can come dressed as football players. You can run the record telecast of famous football matches, in the background. Order a cake in the shape of a football.
Similarly, if your girl is a rock fan, you can have a rock music party theme, where your guests will love getting dressed as their favorite rock star. In this case, order a cake in the shape of a guitar.
Alternatively, some popular themes include the 1920s flapper fashion theme or even a 1980s retro theme. Your guests can follow an appropriate dress code for the party.


Entertainment is the heart and soul of any party. So make sure you plan some interesting games for your guests. If your party theme is something on the lines of 'Back to School', then make sure you arrange for popular games like pass the parcel, whack-a-mole, musical chairs, etc.
Also, arrange good music for your guests to dance to. You can make a list of 30 trivial questions for the birthday boy or girl to answer in front of everyone.


You need not always print invitations for a birthday party, if you are only hosting close friends and family. However, if you are planning to throw a large bash, then printing out formal invitation cards is recommended.
The design of the invitation should be in sync with the theme of the party. Clearly mention the pertinent details, such as the day, date, time, and venue of the party. Also mention the dress code, if any, for the party.


After a party, make sure your guests have something memorable to take home. A pack of 30 candies or similar items can be a nice party favor for a 30th birthday. You can also personalize your party favors by making photo frames or a CD of the whole event. You can later deliver these to your guests' address.
While planning a party, make sure you take your partner's taste into account. If he or she is not a party animal, then there is no point in throwing a big bash on their special day. Instead, invite the small group of their friends with whom they are comfortable. If you are hosting a house party for your wife, ensure that you are not adding to her workload.
Hire caterers and a cleaning staff to take care of the food and cleanup; better yet, if it's a small party, be the best and rarest type of husband in the world and do it yourself. You can also think about spending a quiet day with your partner.
If both of you lead very busy lives, your partner will cherish these intimate moments with you. Lastly, make sure surprises remain under wraps, so that your partner doesn't have to fake being surprised! So, go ahead and plan a great bash for your partner to commemorate this milestone year of their life.