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Want to Bake a Birthday Cake for Kids? We Have Ideas

Girija Shinde Mar 17, 2019
Is it your child's birthday and you are out of ideas for his/her cake this time? Don't worry as here are some cool kids birthday cake recipes that are unique and delicious.
Though all birthdays are fun, it is the kids' birthdays which entertain the most. But it also takes a lot more efforts to make a kid's birthday party successful than it takes for an adult. Birthday cake is one of the major parts of their party; it has to be perfect and unique if you wish to see that glorious smile on the kids' faces.
Earlier, a parent's job of choosing a cake was quite simple as it would be assumed that the kids will like any cream-laden cake. But nowadays, the kids have become much smarter.
Not only do they know that their birthday is approaching, but they also know which cake they would like to have for it! So, before you book a cake or decide to make it yourself, you better run it by your kid. The following cake ideas may come to your rescue this time.

Duck Tub Cake

♦ Decorating gel
♦ 1 or 2 small rubber ducks
♦ 2 (16-ounce) tubs white frosting
♦ Licorice pipe
♦ 2 (9x13'') cakes
♦ 2 (3-ounce boxes) gelatin
♦ Jiggler water
♦ 2 large marshmallows
♦ 8 mini marshmallows
First prepare the boxes of gelatin as per the instructions given on the packages. When it is ready, pour it into an 8'' square pan, and refrigerate for about 90 minutes. Halfway through refrigerating (about 45 minutes), whisk the gelatin thoroughly until the bubbles get created. Continue chilling after that.
Meanwhile, start stacking the cakes by spreading the icing between them in a thin layer. You need to make a deep rectangle. First, make a broad outline, a border at the sides and end of the tub. Scoop out the cake with the help of a knife.
Gradually frost the borders of the tub, but do not frost the floor of the rectangle. This will be the basin of the duck tub. For making a faucet, simply insert the thin portion of the licorice pipe, upside down into the border of the rectangle. The broader part of the pipe should be inside the tub.
Now take the large marshmallows and snip 4 V-shaped notches on top of them. When you are done with it, gently press the small marshmallows on each notch. Place these knobs on the cake and draw the letters H and B with the decorating gel. Also use the gel to outline the bases. Now it is ready and pour or spoon the jiggler water into the tub and set the ducks.

Pirate Ship Cake

♦ Root beer barrels
♦ Chocolate wafer sticks
♦ Milk chocolate wafer rolls
♦ Malted milk balls
♦ 3-4 cups chocolate icing
♦ 3 (10") wooden skewers
♦ Milk Chocolate (containing chewy caramel)
♦ 2 baked (9" or 10") round cakes
♦ Several pieces of white or off-white paper
♦ Plastic pirate figures
Firstly, cut the cakes in halves and put all the rounded sides up in the same direction. Then add the chocolate icing between them. Wrap and chill the cakes until a bit firm. Once firm, cut the curves at the bottom, so that the cakes can sit flat. Make the cakes sit upside down, in a way that the flat part comes up.
Cover them with the chocolate icing and create lines between the cakes (along the hull) using a butter knife. Chill for an hour. Apply a little icing to the edge of the deck to anchor the wafer stick.
For the masts, cut the papers in the form of sail and put them on the skewers. Add the chewy caramel cookies, malted milk balls, and root beer barrels to the base, and place the pirates figures on top. Place the birthday candles in the cookie cannons only.

Fairy on a Cloud

♦ 453 g tub vanilla frosting
♦ 1 tube pink Dollar Five sprinkles
♦ 340 g packet buttercake mix
♦ 2 (250 g) packets mega marshmallows
♦ 1 fairy figurine, to decorate
♦ 60 g butter (softened)
♦ 2 eggs
♦ ¾ cup milk
Preheat the oven to 350 °F. Also oil and line the base of a 20 cm round cake pan. Prepare the cake according to the directions given on the packet. Fold the sprinkles into the cake batter and then pour it into the cake pan; bake as directed.
Let the cake stand in the pan for at least 10 minutes, and then turn it onto a wire rack. Place the cake on a cake stand, right side up. Cover it with the frosting, stick the marshmallows to the sides, and again cover it with the icing. Place the fairy at the center of the cake.
Before the birthday, try the recipe so that you can make modifications to it, if any. The kids are sure to enjoy these unique homemade cakes.