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Last Minute Birthday Gift Ideas

Uttara Manohar Apr 19, 2019
Didn't get enough time to step outside and buy that special someone his/her birthday gift? Nothing to worry about, these last minute gift ideas should give you some helpful suggestions on what to buy when you've run out of time.
You just realized that you completely forgot about buying a birthday gift, and it's too late to think of the perfect gift idea. Fret not, these ideas should help you select a gift in no time.

Large Bouquet

Beautiful fresh flowers are number one on the list of suggestions. While picking up flowers, you have plenty of choices - satin red roses, serene white lilies, delicate orchids or pretty tulips, just take your pick!
In case you don't know which flowers to go for, ask the florist to create and assorted bouquet with all the varieties bundled up delightfully. No matter how late it is, you can always pick up flowers. With the increasing popularity of online shopping, you can have flowers sent to the birthday girl/boy, by placing an order for flowers at an online florist.


Number two position goes to something, which is almost synonymous with birthdays - a cake. No birthday can be complete without a birthday cake. Picking up a birthday cake from a decent bakery for the birthday girl/boy is an easy thing to do.
Getting it personalized with a simple birthday wish can be a great idea. In case you are not sure which flavor to pick, go for the most popular choices like chocolate or strawberry.

Assorted Chocolates

The third position goes to one of the most favorite edible things - chocolate! Everyone loves chocolate, bitter, sweet; milk or no milk, it is irresistible and makes for a great last-minute birthday gift. That doesn't mean you pick up candy bars for your friend's birthday.
The key to last-minute gifting lies in the presentation aspect of it. If a person might be disappointed to have a snickers bar as a present, make an assortment of all sorts of chocolates and wrap them or place them in a gift basket, and you will be highly appreciated for your delightful gift!
Often many stores also have gourmet chocolate gift boxes, if you find one of these, then rest assured you've found a gift that might not even seem like a last moment option.

Dinner or Lunch

A dinner or lunch date - yes a lifesaver indeed! However this idea can work only if the birthday girl/boy doesn't have any prior plans for lunch or dinner.
In case he/she has no plans for lunch/dinner, you can invite him/her for a wonderful dinner or lunch date with you. Take the birthday girl or boy to her/his favorite restaurant for dinner or lunch. In case you are really in the mood for some cooking, you can even offer a home-cooked meal and do all the preparations and decorations yourself.
So the next time you forget someone's birthday and have little time to think of a perfect gift, try any of these last-minute birthday gift ideas. You can even pair up two or three things together to make it a combined offering instead.