A Simple Guide on How to Make Your Own Enticing Birthday Cards

Ways to make birthday cards
Add a personal touch to a birthday card by making it entirely on your own. It's fun, creative and much more sentimental when it's handmade. Let's now venture into this section on making your own birthday cards...
Companies the world over sell thousands of greeting cards with heartfelt messages and impressive graphic work, that is both realistic and comical. But they lack one vital ingredient when putting together one - a human touch. That's why when you sit down and mull over what to do, a handmade card is your best go-to option. Not only is it simple to make, it is also quite an artistic approach where hard work of the sort is always appreciated.
Simple Ways for Making a Birthday Card
When you think about it, there' so much you can do with a card that not all companies can - like for instance putting in your loved ones' / friend's favorite things (cutouts), or spraying perfume on it so that it is lightly scented (which is quite pleasant to whiff when a card is opened) and all that kind of creative jazz. The following step-by-step guide will help you on how to start out on making your card, where you can then take it upon yourself to get artsy and imaginative.
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Step One: Gather the materials you will need to help piece together your birthday card. The image in step 1 gives you a clear idea on the vital resources required. Stickers can be of any kind, be it the peel-off-the-back sort, or even magazine cutouts that you can use glue for pasting.

Step Two: Using an A4-sized colored chart paper (any other color of your choice is fine to use), first fold this into half using the ends to meet one another. Use another chart paper of smaller dimensions to fit snugly within the center of your A4 size sheet (another colored chart paper can be chosen here too). Measure all four sides of the A4-sized sheet by placing the scale (or ruler) one inch away from the borders, before marking these points on your second chart paper; cut it down to size accordingly using the scissors.

Step Three: Using creative cutouts that you can find from old magazines / newspapers, glue onto the card whatever it is you see as ideal to use (even alphabet cutouts can come in handy). Don't restrict your enthusiasm to use a lot of color and cutouts, for the sky is your limit. Use the stickers / cutouts to decorate the card, placing these strategically in a way that you see as eye-pleasing. You can also test your drawing skills by using paints like acrylic, to make interesting patterns / designs.

Step Four: Your card is ready! Be sure to include a big birthday message, the recipient's name, your name and any kind of wishes that you want to include.
For more ideas on what you want your card to look like, check out these interesting creations that you can draw inspiration from (or use!).
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These birthday ideas for a homemade card should give you a lot to think about before starting out on making that one-of-a-kind card. Have fun!
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