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Make Your Own Birthday Invitations

Sujata Iyer Mar 25, 2019
Make your own birthday invitations and show off your artistic abilities, saving loads of money while you're at it! Here are some ideas that can help you.
It's your little one's birthday and she's hell-bent on making the birthday invitations rather than buying some 'tacky and impersonal' ones. Well, bless her! It is her birthday and you've got to listen to the little drama queen! Think of it as a bonus.
Because one of the best ways to save money and add a personal touch to birthday invitations is to make them yourself. So, here, you will be offered some tips and ideas on how you can make some super birthday invitations for both kids and adults.


First, decide on a theme for the birthday party. If it's a kid's party, you can choose from themes like superheroes, fantasy movies, fairy tales, comic book characters, a favorite story of the birthday child, etc.
For adult, go for the themes like masquerades, Start Wars, vampires, a famous sitcom, a place like Hawaii, etc.
Once the theme is decided, make the invitations revolving around the theme. Use cut-outs from newspapers, magazines, or use some pictures from a past vacation if you have one. Design the cards and use lingo pertaining to the theme to give it a more real effect.


If not a particular theme, then you can keep a color scheme for the invitations. You can keep pink for girls and blue for boys. Use ribbons and beads on the card that will go out to the girls and keep the ones that will go to the boys simple and tassel-free. Or you can pick the favorite color of the birthday boy or girl and make the invites in that color.
Another idea you can use is, take a color that symbolizes something. Like yellow and orange together for sunshine. Or white for peace. And in the wording you can incorporate the significance of the color.


Another great idea for self-made birthday invitations can be numbers! Yes, if your kid is turning 5, make an invitation in the shape of the number 5. Or the corresponding age of your child.
Once they hit teens though, this can be a little difficult. So, an option can be make them on the computer. You have so many different designs and templates available on the computer, that you can whip up an awesome invitation! Then all you have to do is get them printed on some super fancy paper. Voila! Your homemade birthday invitations are ready!


Another way to personalize your birthday invitations is to have your photographs on them. We know what you must be thinking. That will cost a lot. But think about this, instead of getting positives developed from your camera, use your computer to scan a good photograph and get paper printouts. Use these on the cards.
So, these were some ideas on how you can make your own birthday invitations. You may have to get a head start on them because they will take more time than going to the store and getting ready-made ones that only require you to fill the name, date, and place. But in the end, it will definitely be worth it.