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Party Ideas for 13 Year Olds

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 12, 2019
13 is a big year for all children, as this year is the beginning of their teens. To make their birthday special, you can have a specially themed party. Ideas for the same are explained here.
A birthday party is most enjoyed when it has a theme. Party themes for 13 year olds include music and fun. You can also set a horror theme with scary games and movies. A mismatch party is a great idea for both girls and boys.
Wear fancy mix and match clothes with colorful hairstyles. Given here are a few ideas that you can use if you are planning your 13th birthday.

Movie Night

You can enjoy a movie night in two ways. The first option is, grab a few set of DVDs of your favorite movies and play them at your home theater once your birthday celebration is over. Let your friends stay back to watch the movies.
The second option is, book tickets for your teenage gang prior to the show and enjoy the movie at a cinema hall. It's always exciting to watch movie with friends at theaters.

Dinner Party

Won't you like to throw a party for your friends on this special occasion? Yes. This idea would create a small dent in your pocket, nevertheless is a great way to celebrate 'teenage'. Book a restaurant and celebrate there itself. Invite your friends and treat them to a grand dinner with exotic cuisines and drinks (no alcohol please!).

Slumber Party

A slumber party is mostly common among teenage girls. Invite your group on the eve of your 13th birthday. And bomb the birthday bash as soon as the clocks strikes. Blow the candles and cut the cake.
The most important aspect is the food which excites everyone. Order pizzas, burgers, chocolates, pastries cookies, and a variety of drinks. Decorate your room with balloons. This is one of the most homely way to celebrate a birthday.

Gaming Night

This birthday party idea will be liked more by boys than by girls. If you are crazy about games, then why not spend the night with your friends gaming?
Collect a wide range of Xbox360 or PS3 games and start playing, post birthday celebration. Or if you are going out for a group hang out, then stop at gaming centers and enjoy with your friends.

Musical Party

Call for a DJ to celebrate your 13th birthday in a grand way. Make your home a mini discotheque for a day. Your parents would also love this idea. Along with music arrange for a buffet.
Invite your friends and start the celebration. Let entertainment go on for the whole night. Eat, drink, dance and make merry.