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Brilliant Ideas for Pirate-themed Birthday Cakes

Sheetal Mandora Mar 25, 2019
Are you planning a pirate-themed birthday party? Then you're going to need a cake that matches the theme. Here are some pirate birthday cake ideas. Take a look.
After the success of the movie, Pirates of the Caribbean, many kids love to dress up like pirates, behave like them, and even talk in the same manner. If your kid, whether it's a boy or girl, loves pirates, you can surprise him/her by throwing a fabulous pirate-themed birthday party.
No birthday is ever complete without a cake. So this year, instead of purchasing or baking a chocolate cake, why not go all out and get a pirate cake. You can either purchase the cake from the store, order a specific kind of cake you want, or even bake one at home. It's really simple.
All you've got to do is read this and find helpful suggestions on how the cake can be decorated as per the theme. Remember, pirate birthday cakes are easy to make and here we will give you some ideas.

Birthday Cakes for Kids

You really don't have to be a skilled baker to prepare a pirate cake. The recipe for the cake remains the same, depending on what flavor you want, and the only thing to concentrate on is the frosting on top. This is where it all boils down to.
Once you have finalized what the frosting needs to be, the next thing to do spread the frosting and decorate the cake. And now, we will go over important tips you need to keep in mind on how to make a pirate cake.

A Pirate Ship

Kids love pirate ship cakes as they look different from any cake they've seen. What you need to do is bake the cake, however big you want, and get some plastic pirate toys like small pirate figurines, cannons, and a treasure chest. You can place the toys on top of the cake after the frosting is done to decorate the cake.
To ready the cake so that it looks like a ship, you can draw the outline of a ship and use blue icing to resemble water underneath the ship. Use white icing to make the sails. Be a bit creative with the ship and for help, you can search for a pirate ship image online and copy it. Use colorful candy and golden coins as treasure on the ship.

Alone on an Island

For our next idea, we want you to bake one big, rectangular cake and a smaller, oval-shaped cake to resemble an island. Spread blue icing over the rectangular cake and cover the oval cake with light brown icing.
Place the oval cake on one side of the bigger cake and then spread the icing. Here as well, you can use plastic toys like palm trees, pirate figurines, a small boat, and a shark in the water.

Treasure Map

Draw a treasure map right on top of the cake. For this, use white icing to cover the entire cake. Then, you need different colored icing like green, blue, red, brown, and orange to draw over the map.
Use brown icing to make the treasure box, use green and brown icings for palm trees, blue icing for water, and orange and red icings for the route to reach the treasure from the boat till the treasure box. You don't need to make a complicated map for this cake. A simple route will do just fine.

A Pirate's Face

Finally, if you can't think of anything else, then drawing a pirate's face will be perfect. Bake a big, round cake and use light pink icing to cover it completely.
Now, we need red, white, and black icing to decorate the cake. Use red and white icings to draw the pirate's head scarf. Use the black icing to draw one eye, one eye patch, a funny looking mustache, and mouth. Isn't that a cool idea?
We hope that the pirate birthday cake ideas mentioned here were helpful and you found something useful to try for your child's party. Enjoy!