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A Quick Guide to Organizing Princess Parties for Girls

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Apr 17, 2019
If you are planning to throw a royal princess birthday party for your little one, then check out these ideas for hosting a fun event.
Princess parties are always special and memorable ones for the little girls. Not only they get to don the respective attire, but the games and activities make one even more joyful. If you are planning to throw such a party for your little one, then the following tips will help you to plan a perfect one.

Some Fascinating Ideas

Party Invitations

It is appropriate to start planning for the party at least 5 - 6 weeks prior to the event. Make your guest list, and send them party invitations at least four weeks in advance, so that you'll receive responses within two weeks.
Invites should be attractive, and if possible, homemade. Use a parchment paper or linen, and a calligraphic script to write the invitation wording. Tie one with a golden ribbon and hand deliver it. You can also make them out of cardboard paper, in the shape of a tiara.

Venue and Menu

If you have a house big enough to host parties, then arrange your princess' birthday party at home itself. However, do not forget to give your home a look of a royal palace.
Design the menu according to the party theme. If it's a princess tea party, keep a lot of snacks and finger foods ready. Always keep the menu simple, considering the age group of your guests.
Use a lot of creativity while arranging foods on the table, and also bring in a variety in terms of color and flavor. Remember, kids love colorful treats.


Make use of royal colors such as violets, pink, and deep purple. Decorate your ballroom in the form of a canopy. The streamers should originate from the bow at the center of the ceiling, and cascade to the sides.
Cut the stars out of white card stock, and cover them in glitter. Hang these little stars on the ceiling. Complete the look of your palace, with flower bouquets placed at strategic places. Also, do not forget to set a red carpet in your porch to create an impression of a palace bridge.


When your guests arrive, escort them to the make-over table. Keep tiny lip sticks, and blush along with a full size mirror for your little princesses to get ready. Also, arrange for tiaras and wands to complete the look of the girls.
For return gifts, buy small cosmetic traveler containers, and fill them with aloe vera gel. Add some glitter in it, and again cover the bottle with aloe vera gel. This body glitter will make for a perfect return gift for the little ones.


While planning them, choose the ones that are not too competitive. Games like "Pin the Kiss on the Prince", "Passing the Shoe", etc., are simple ones, where everyone can win. Little girls love trying to walk the ramp, and pose for photographs. Hence, make sure that they get ample scope to sashay their royal outfits.
The most important tip is to let the girls be themselves, and enjoy it to the fullest. Having a very structured party can constrict the enjoyment, hence do not organize too many activities. Keep it simple, and treat the girls like real princesses so that they'll remember this day, forever.