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Royal Princess Party Games Your Doll Will Remember All Her Life!

Mayuri Kulkarni Apr 17, 2019
A princess-themed party is fun for girls of all ages. Here are some ideas for games that you could arrange at your little princess's birthday party.
A princess party will need royal arrangements. Princess themes are fun and always a hit. Moreover, they are enjoyed by girls of every age group. Including games will definitely make the day more memorable. The activities should reflect the theme.

Princess May I

This is a version of the popular game Mother may I. Make a girl (usually, the birthday girl) the 'princess' and let the other girls stand in a row facing her. There should be a distance of about 10 feet between the participants and the princess.
The princess has to choose a participant and give orders like "Take one step forward." The participant then asks "Princess may I?" The princess can reply to this by saying "Yes, you may." or "No, you may not." Then the participant has to follow the order given.
If the participants forget to ask "Princess may I?" and follow the order, then they are out of the game or they have to go to the starting line again. The game continues and the princess chooses random participants and gives different orders.
"Take 2 giant steps forward", "Hop forward like a frog 3 times", "Take 2 baby steps forward", etc. are some other orders that can be given. The participant who reaches the princess first, wins the game and she becomes the princess for the next round.

Unicorn Piñata

You can have a piñata in the shape of a unicorn, a castle, or even a star. Playing this is very simple, all you need to do is fill the piñata with colorful candies and some plastic jewelry, blindfold a participant, and give the participant a stick.
Spin the participant to confuse her sense of direction, and then let her try to hit the piñata to make all the candies spill out. Every participant gets three turns, and if the piñata is not hit, it's the next participant's turn. While playing this game make sure there is someone to monitor the kids, so that nobody gets hurt while trying to break the piñata.

Kiss the Prince

"Pin the tail on the donkey" or "Pin the bee to the flower" are some traditional games played. You can have "Pin the kiss on the prince". Make a cut-out of a prince with cardboard and hang it on a wall. Make sure you hang it at a height which can be easily reached by the little girls. Give each participant lips made from construction paper.
Blindfold a participant and take her to the prince on the wall. She has to try to pin the lips in her hand on the lips of the prince. Every participant gets a turn and the one who pins it exactly right, wins.
This game is quite funny because in the end the prince is covered with all the kisses. "Pin the heart on the prince", "Pin the kiss on the frog", and "Pin the crown on the prince" are some fun variations.

Pass Cinderella's Shoe

This is a nice, simple game for toddlers and 4-year olds. Make the girls sit in a circle, and give a fake glass slipper to one of them. Play the music and ask the girls to keep passing the slipper in a clockwise or anticlockwise direction.
You can play nice nursery rhymes or children's songs. The participant with the slipper in her hand when the music stops is out of the game and receives a small prize for participating.