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Quinceanera Cakes

Celebrate the New Era of Your Angel With These Quinceanera Cakes

A quinceanera is one of the most important events for a girl. A party is incomplete without a cake. So, here are a few cake ideas that will be perfect for the occasion.
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Last Updated: Jul 17, 2018
A 15th birthday comes only once. And that's why a quinceañera is one of the most special birthdays a girl can have. Quinceañera is a rite of passage; a transition from childhood to womanhood. A tradition for people from Latin America, quinceañera is celebrated in a different manner than any other birthday.
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Evidently, the day is quite special and while you are organizing the party for your soon-to-be 15-year-old daughter, it's important that you get the perfect cake for the event.
Dancing at quinceanera
Whether you decide to have a big blowout party or an intimate (family and close friends only) gathering, it's essential to know what type of cake you can have for the party. And to help you make the decision, we've provided a few suggestions on designs for the cakes. Take a look.
Cake Designs for the Event
Choosing a cake, that too from a huge variety can make you frustrated. Plus, there are many bake shops that specialize in preparing personalized cakes for any event.
Pink cake
So have an idea as to what flavors you'd like in the cake. Also, depending on the how many people are attending, the size of the cake can be finalized. And as for sifting through different designs and decoration, here are a few examples that'll help you make that decision.
Pink cake
Blue cake
rose cake
Yellow cake
Flower cake
Rose cake
Pink Birthday cake
Blue Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake
Delicious Wedding Cake
Delicious Pink Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake With Roses Realistic Image
Beautiful Wedding Cake With Flowers
Large Cake With Eatable Pastel Pink Flowers
Pink And White Wedding Cake
Wedding Cake
Fifteen years birthday party cake, pink and white
What is Quinceañera All About
The history of the parties, goes back to the period of the Aztecs in Mexico. During the 16th century, women were expected to obey their husbands and have children. Also, they would have to get married at a young age, 15 years old. So the only real knowledge they had was to fulfill the duties inside the house.
Thus, 15 was a special age for the girls. It signified their entry into womanhood. To mark this auspicious day, the parties were held in their honor. The girl's family escorted her into her new life and the whole community was there to witness it. So what does the term quinceañera mean? It is a Spanish word were quince means "fifteen" and año means "years".
When Spain attacked the Aztecs in 1521, there was a cultural exchange. The quinceañera tradition continued but, now the girl was given an option. When she turned 15, she either had to devote her life to the Catholic church and remain a single woman forever, or to marry and raise a family.
The Spaniards further contributed to the culture by adding music and dance in the celebrations. This practice is still carried on among many Hispanic people. Many American families also follow this tradition of celebrating their daughter's entry into womanhood, but they celebrate the 16th birthday rather than the 15th. That is why the term 'sweet sixteen'.
Depending on the size and design of the cake, the price may vary. So make sure that you have a budget ready before you place an order for the cake. Well, now that you have enough idea about the quinceañera cakes, order one right now and make her 15th birthday unforgettable.