Sentimental Birthday Gifts for Him That are Sure to Melt His Heart

Sentimental Birthday Gifts for Him
There can be a myriad options on funny, innovative, unique gifts, and a series of the most sentimental birthday gifts for him, the one person who makes your life topsy-turvy just by his mere presence.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
handwritten cards with diary
A Bunch of Handwritten Cards
Just the cards, in calligraphy, with everything you feel about him beautifully scripted. You could put in reasons you love him, or write everything you feel for him. Even better, be witty in your writing, be creative, and steal his heart with your wits. You could find out funny birthday one liners, and put them on paper.
Ipod in hand
An iPod With His Favorite Songs
Chances are, he'd jump with joy when he sees an iPod, a cool gift that it is. However, his favorite songs already uploaded in it would make all the difference. Even better, create an audio message for him, wishing him Happy Birthday through it, and put it as the very first file.
Girl singing
A Karaoke Night to Remember
Select your favorite restaurant for the dinner party, take him there, and surprise! A karaoke night! Wait for your turn, and sing aloud his favorite song in front of everyone. Dedicate it to him, and capture that look on his face while he sees you making a complete idiot of yourself (oops, that might happen if you don't know how to sing). Something like Hilary Swank does in P.S. I Love You. Well, why not call him on the stage and sing along?
Football Match Tickets
A Ticket to a Football Game
Not necessarily football, it could be any sport for that matter. You just need to take care of the next match of his liking, and book two tickets for that. So what if you abhor his favorite sport? Isn't it enough that you've decided to go to watch the match with him? Too much sentiments, eh? That's what he'd love the most about you.
Collection of gifts
What's his Age?
What's your boyfriend's new age that he's going to flaunt all yearlong? Let's assume he turns 21 this birthday. All you've got to do is buy 21 inexpensive items, and put them all in a gift basket decorated by you. These items could range from a pen to a shower gel, an electric razor to a pair of socks... anything that might come handy to him! Well, this gift really depends upon how much you know him and his needs.
Wrapped gifts with bow
Stack of Gifts
Basket with gifts
cute gifts box
Bar Code On Ticket