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Sweet Birthday Ideas To Surprise Him

Kulbhushaan Raghuvanshi Oct 6, 2018
It is not easy to come up with unique and creative birthday ideas every time. However, if you really want to make his birthday special and can't think of any good ideas, have a look.
Birthdays seem festive and extravagant, but many of us don't notice the amount of hard work that has been put in so that the birthday boy/girl remembers this special day for a long time.
All of us like birthday surprises. The moment we step into our house after a long day's work, the surprise greeting we get from our family and loved ones is just indescribable. For a special birthday, it is important to think of something memorable, and coming up with such unique birthday ideas can really take up a lot of time.
You two have been together a long time and you want to make this birthday an event that he would never forget. Sure, you can gift him a suit, a tie or an expensive wallet, and he would love it. However, if you put in extra effort and plan a surprise bash, it becomes a different experience altogether. Here are some awesome ideas..

Surprise Birthday Ideas

A birthday gift doesn't have to be expensive all the time. Think of something new and creative for his birthday.
If your partner has often surprised you with greeting cards and flowers, make him a beautiful greeting card or a note which can convey the love you feel for him. This gesture will surely fill his heart with love and make this his most memorable birthday.
If your special someone is into gadgets, gift him the latest LED TV, game console or music player that he always talks about. If he loves watching movies, then you can gift him his own mini-home theater, where he can sit and watch his favorite flicks with close friends.
One of the best ideas is a night out with friends. Call his best friends and plan the entire night. If he likes cigars and alcohol, buy him the best brand of both. Ask his friends to take him at his favorite pub and let him enjoy by trying out different liquors.
An unusual birthday surprise idea for your partner is a last minute getaway. However, it is essential to check if his schedule is open and he doesn't have any prior commitments. Book a country house in the valley or tickets for a surprise vacation. Hand him these tickets and see the reaction.
A weekend getaway is sufficient to make your guy feel special and if that getaway is a surprise trip to Las Vegas, then this guy must be really special. Vegas is an ideal destination for party lovers and is over-crowded most of the time, so it is advised to make necessary arrangements beforehand.
There's nothing more romantic than a home-cooked meal. Most men love it, and they love it more if it is their favorite food. If you are not good at cooking, then you can also get dinner from his favorite restaurant.
Make sure you decorate the table with a nice table cloth and candles and make the atmosphere surreal by playing romantic songs and spending an intimate evening with him.
If your man is not a social animal, then throw him a party in your own home. Invite all his close friends over for a night of drinks, poker and sports. Make sure his friends arrive at least 40 minutes before he drops in.
Once everything is in place, kiss him goodbye and head out to spend some time with friends. He will surely love this wonderful surprise and will always be thankful for giving him his space.
When thinking of a surprise birthday idea or a birthday gift, make sure you keep his preferences in mind. Whether it is a romantic trip, a dinner or a gift; he would really appreciate your thoughtfulness and always thank you for making his birthday special.