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Surprise Birthday Party Invitations

Tulika Nair Mar 24, 2019
Are you planning a surprise birthday party for a loved one? If yes, then you will need to send out secret invitations to all your guests inviting them to the do.
Have you ever tried to throw a surprise party? Take it from someone, who has both organized and been at the receiving end of a surprise birthday party, keeping the whole event a secret is nothing short of a Herculean task.
Those tense moments before the actual cry of Surprise is spent worrying about whether the birthday boy or girl knows of the party, and whether the reaction on his or her face will be genuine.
However, whether or not your secret has been revealed, the fact remains that a surprise party is one of the best ways of celebrating someone's birthday. After all everyone appreciates the thought and effort that goes into organizing a surprise birthday party, like the venue, the menu, and of course the invitations.
The best way to build anticipation among your friends and family about an upcoming party, is letting them know that the party is a surprise. And the invitations do just that. They tell your guests that there is a party, and the guest of honor is unaware about the same.
They create a sense of subterfuge with everyone running around doing their bit for the party. So, how do you select the perfect of all invitations? Here, we tell you what things you need to keep in mind while sending out invitations for a birthday party that is supposed to be a surprise.

Invitations for a Surprise Birthday Party

It can be extremely difficult to throw a tricky party because you have to ensure that in no way should anyone of the guests reveal your secret. Therefore, it is very important that in your invitation card you stress on the fact that the party is a surprise.
There are many different deciding factors on which depends how you want to draft your invitation. You can always decide to use the invitations to highlight the fact that it is a surprise party. Alternatively, you can design the cards according to the party idea that you are employing. Next, you will have to decide on the wording that you want on the card.
Examples of the wordings have been given in the next section. While writing the invitation, always stress on the surprise factor of the party. Always mention the first and last name of the person whose birthday is being celebrated.
Give the invitees the time, date, and the venue of the party, and request them to arrive at the location at least fifteen minutes before the person, who is being surprised. While ending the invitation, again remind the guest that the party is a surprise for the guest of honor.
While this may seem redundant, the fact is that, it is important to maintain the surprise element of the event. It is always possible to get free printable invitations or templates from online resources, where all you need to do is fill in the details. However, an invitation into which thought and effort has been put, is always appreciated more.

Invitation Wording

Now that you know how to draft these invitations, here are a few examples of popular wordings. You can choose to use the same wording or decide to come up with your own poems and limericks. These wordings can be modified to suit any occasion, whether it is required for the 30th or 50th or the 80th birthday party invitations.
We know she said not to bother,
Please don't make a fuss,
But with a party we plan to surprise her...
so let's hope to our plans,
she remains oblivious!
(Name of the person)
is hitting the (Birthday year)!
and we're going to party!
Come join the fun
Drinks, Dinner and a BIG Cake
A Fabulous Party is planned
and you're invited to show,
but don't tell the Birthday Girl,
cause she doesn't know!
Join us for a
Surprise (year) Birthday Party
(Name of the person)
(Name of the person) is turning (age)
Of that he is aware
But we want to surprise him
With all of you there
So the party is a secret
He doesn't know yet
And if you keep it quiet
A surprise he will get...
(Name of the person) has finally
hit the (Birthday year)!!
Let's surprise him with
gag gifts, food, and fun
Day, Month (Date)
(Time) SHARP!
Address of the birthday venue
We're going to surprise
(Name of the person)
on her (age) birthday
a night of dinner & dancing
Day, Month, Date at (Time)
Address of the venue
Contact Number
Don't tell!
RSVP to her sister
Amidst all the surprise party planning, it is very easy to overlook the invitations. However, these are some of the most important features of a surprise party. While sending out the cards, it may be a good idea to give them out personally, so that you can ensure that the invitees know without doubt that the party is a surprise.
Also, remind them to always contact you in case of any clarification. Once you have sorted out the details, just plan out everything else and have fun at the party.