Adorably Awesome Presents for Your Loved One's Sweet 16 Birthday

Sweet 16 Birthday Presents
If you are wondering what present to buy for your daughter for her sixteenth birthday, here is an article for you which gives ideas on sweet 16 birthday presents.
Every birthday is special but the sixteenth birthday comes with a new excitement and a whole new array of feelings of growing up and growing young. There are so dreams that the imagination weaves and heart yearns to fulfill them. It is just the beginning of life and every desire and wish seems achievable. Yes, it is true that all dreams and desires are achievable but then it is not fair to shatter these lovely dreams with a hard blow. No parent would like to do that on his or her kids' birthday, I guess. Here I have some very innovative gift ideas, which you can use to give a beautiful present to your child or friend or sibling.

Sweet 16 Birthday Presents
  • You can gift your child a sweet 16 gift basket which would be an amazing way to wish the little girlie who just stepped on the threshold of youth. This gift basket might have a mug, some cookies, a sweet 16 book, a personalized chocolate bar and a sweet 16 Photo Frame. You can also add a sweet 16 towel or an after-bath gown and a sweet 16-birthday cake candle. You can also add a raspberry gourmet tea.
  • There is another gift that I am sure the girl would love. The make over trend is on a high so you can gift her a total make over. Gift her a complete beauty experience, which would include facials, hair treatment, manicure, pedicure and makeup.
  • There is another gift associated with the previous make over gift, which is a photo shoot wherein a professional photographer can click her pictures and you can gift her a personalized magazine with her picture on the cover page.
  • You can also gift her a Birthday Care'' package that would have a bear, gummi bears, happy birthday theme bags and starlite mints. You can also add goodies of your kids' liking.
  • You can gift her a bracelet as well which can be designed with her birthstone or with the colors of her birthstone and give to her along with a special poem.
  • You can also take for an exclusive experience of getting a personalized perfume. Yes she would feel like a superstar who has his or her own fragrance. She would be able to create her fragrance by mixing some eighteen perfumes to create an exquisite and unique one that would be her own. Once she does that she would be gifted in a beautiful gift box with a scented feather. She would also a certificate of authenticity and registration.
  • You can also gift her a personalized birthday chronicle, which would have all the events that took place on the day she was born. It would be a mini newspaper that would have graphics and can be treasured for years. It would also include a greeting from the President and the details of the celebrities who share the same birthday.
The last gift idea is my favorite though it is peculiar yet you can gift an acre of land on moon's surface. She would receive a lunar deed, which would be legal and have details of the lunar laws and the purchaser rights.
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