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Remarkable Sweet 16 Party Ideas

Kashmira Lad Sep 29, 2018
The 16th birthday is special for everybody. Get some special party ideas to turn your child's birthday party into a rocking affair!
Almost every girl waits eagerly and expectantly to turn 16 as it is often associated with a special sweet 16 party that is thrown by family and friends.
Who can forget the magical feeling of turning sixteen and the joys that go with it. We think most people today would definitely love to turn back time when they turned 16; when life was about music, dance, dates, and chocolate candies.
For parents, this is the time they can really get innovative. They can be simple, extravagant, creative, and fun filled as well. You have to go all out to ensure your daughter has all that she deserve for her sixteenth birthday and remembers it for the rest of her life.

I Am 16, Going On 17 . . .

You need to decide the theme for the party. You can make a list of some popular ones and also discuss it with your child. This would make him/her feel good about the fact that you are willing to share and confide about the entire do. Also, you can get valuable inputs about what your child could be expecting. We can check out some of the popular themes here:

Denim Theme

This is the time when your child would be considering the denim to be his/her second skin so you can incorporate this in your party idea. The decorations can include denim fabric that can be used to cover the tables.
Place a sheer cloth over the table for a different effect. Glue some gemstones at the edges to add to the sparkle. The dress code would be denim and you can incorporate this in your party invite. Make a small, miniature sized denim jacket that can have a message printed on the back. This theme will let you get creative without really spending big bucks.

Cinderella Theme

Every young girl would have dreamed about being Cinderella at least once in her life. On this birthday, turn her dreams to reality. Get the castle look with dim lighting and cutouts of the stepsisters and the wicked stepmother.
Try to arrange for some rhinestone tiaras and dangle them from the ceiling so that they glitter in the light. You can even purchase some plastic Cinderella slippers and use them in the decor. Dress up your daughter in a flowing gown that is reminiscent of that era.

The MTV Theme

This is especially for people with children who dig music and are influenced by pop stars. A sweet 16 party must have music. Splash posters across the walls and have a disco ball dangling from the ceiling at the center of the room.
Ensure the guests dress up in the 80's style with wacky hairdos and bell-bottoms. Or go in for a rock-based theme. Inspiration would be from groups such as Bon Jovi, Beatles, Oasis, etc. Have a small stage where you can arrange for some music instruments, which would highlight the talent of certain children such as playing the guitar or drums.

The Salsa Theme

If your child loves dancing, incorporate this into the theme. Although this is a passionate dance and not all your guests would know how to do it, create a separate area where moves or basic salsa dance videos can be exhibited for your guests.
The setting for the room can be romantic with loads of flowers. You can even have another area that could serve certain non-alcoholic drinks to all the teens. The dress code would obviously be skirts and trousers that could be formal or semi-formal.

Sporty Theme

16-year-olds also tend to be completely into sports, such as basketball or baseball and this can be incorporated into the party theme as well.
Have a hoop in one corner and you can even plan the dress code using this theme to the fullest. Your guests can arrive to the party dressed up as any of the famous sports personalities.
Themes need to be carefully planned, keeping the budget in mind. Ultimately, this would be the deciding factor. You can even plan to give out small return gifts or party favors or a thank you note to your guests. This gift can be coordinated with the theme of the party.
Remember this is your child's sixteenth birthday party. You need to go that extra mile to make it totally special.