Uber-cool Ideas for Hosting a Dazzling Sweet 16 Party at Home

Ideas for Hosting a Sweet 16 Party at Home
While planning a party, keep in mind the budget that you have framed for the party. Check out some sweet 16 party ideas presented in this Buzzle article.
Sweet "16" birthday celebrations are important. Period. Many people believe it to be an age of consent. It is a memorable moment for the parents to see their little princess turn into 16 and also for the girl to step into a new phase of life. And to make this landmark occasion more memorable, you need some exciting party ideas. Although there are no specific rules for planning this party, interesting themes will ensure everyone enjoys it.
In the upcoming sections we list some ideas that you can use to plan the most mind-boggling party at home.
Sweet 16 Party Themes

Before deciding the theme to consider the space available and the guests that you will be inviting. Decide the room of your house that you will be using for your party. You can even arrange your party in the backyard, pool area, or even on the terrace, if available. Decide the theme and arrange for the decorations accordingly. The food should be planned a week before the birthday. You can hire a professional caterer or cook the food by yourself. The food should go with the theme.
Pool Party

If you have a swimming pool in your house, then a sweet sixteen pool party is the best idea. You can even turn it into a Hawaiian theme party by asking your guests to wear Hawaiian outfits, like shirts, skirts, swimming suits, etc. Arrange for the decorations at the pool, that will replicate a proper Hawaiian theme. You can buy fake palm trees and place them at appropriate locations around the pool to give the feeling of a beach. Gift the guests with flower leis on their arrival. For the meal, you can go for a buffet system and arrange for food items like, smoothies made of tropical fruits, cakes, etc.
Masquerade Party

To throw a unique birthday party, you can go for a Masquerade theme. Decide a theme, say Victorian theme, so that, the guests will find it easy to plan the costume. The masquerade mask should be such, that it is almost difficult to identify the person in disguise. You must arrange for these masks well before the party day. Provide these masks to the guests as they enter your party room. To enhance the beauty of the party, decorate the party room with sparkle colors like gold and silver. You can even arrange for a soothing music and have a ball night. Arrange for royal appetizers and foods for added effect. This sweet 16 party can be high on budget.
Hollywood Party

If you and your friends are crazy fans of Hollywood movies, then why not arrange for a Hollywood party theme. This movie theme is completely filled with loads of fun with so many exciting activities. Collect the posters of famous Hollywood movies and place them at appropriate positions in the party area. Ask your friends to dress Hollywood style or replicate any of their favorite actor or actress. Arrange for a red carpet at the entrance, for your celebrity guests. You can even show your friends some latest movie at the party, provided your parents allow you to do so. The food and drink for this party should have a glamorous touch.
Celebrate this special day of your life in the most unique and artistic way possible, for the memories are going to accompany you for the rest of your life.
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