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Sweet 16 Party Ideas on a Budget

Charlie S Oct 14, 2018
We all wait eagerly for the day we turn sixteen, as it's very important in our lives. Though we all are in a mood for celebration, birthday parties at times can be a very expensive affair. If you wish to celebrate a birthday in an inexpensive way, here are some budget-friendly ideas that will guarantee an entertaining party.
The sixteenth birthday brings a lot of joy and colors in the life of a teenager. Friends and family of the birthday boy or girl are overjoyed with the thought that he/she has grown up and is ready to face the challenges of life. Organizing a party can be done in a fun way without burning a hole through your pocket. Have a look at the following ideas.

Organize a Dance Party

A dance party can turn out to be a huge success for girls and boys. Since teenagers are enthusiastic and full of energy, they will enjoy dancing. The dance party can be organized in the backyard, in your living room, in a discotheque, or on the terrace of your building.
You can hire a DJ to play hit songs from the latest albums. You can switch to various dance forms throughout the party to add more fun.You can go for salsa, Latin, disco, African, or even Jazz and play the music according to the dance style. A casual dress code for a sweet 16 birthday party can work well.

Play Your Favorite Sport

Friends and family gathering to play the birthday boy or girl's favorite sport will not only be a unique idea, and a lot of fun. It won't need much money and will indeed make the birthday party a memorable one. Simply form two teams and play your favorite sport, baseball, basketball, or tennis.
You can also enjoy playing indoor games such as carom and cards and give the winner a prize. Don't forget to click some fantastic photographs with your friends.

Watch Your Favorite Movie

Watching a movie with your friends is always fun. To watch a movie at the theater, book the tickets in advance and get there together after the home celebrations of the birthday get over.
Eat delicious cake and popcorn and have a good time. You can also grab a DVD of your favorite movie and watch it at home with your friends.

Indulge in Creative Arts and Crafts

This option will particularly interest the girls. You can create some beautiful things and have a great time. Painting, drawing, sketching, and making greeting cards are some of the activities that you can go for. You can also cook some delicious dishes or bake the birthday cake together.
These were a few ways by which you can make your birthday party successful. You can also think in an out of the box way and come up with some more unique ways of celebrating your sweet sixteenth.