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Themes That Works Wonderfully for Your Baby's Sweet 16 Party

Sweet 16 Party Themes
Sweet 16 birthday party themes need to be unique as this is a very special birthday in every girl's life. Here are some interesting themes and ideas.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2018
The sixteenth birthday is quite a special day. If planning a sweet 16 birthday party, you must be looking for a suitable birthday theme. Choosing the right theme depends completely upon the choices and likes of the birthday girl.
Black Light Theme
Party people dancing in disco
Have you heard of a party in the black light? The idea is to arrange a party in a dark room and use decorations that glow in the dark or use highlighters for decorations. You can have white or fluorescent color as dress code as these colors glow in the dark.
You can hang a disco ball and make your own dance floor. Apart from the usual party games, why not enjoy dancing?
Caribbean Theme
Happy friends toasting during beach party
You can create artificial palm trees with cardboard or have a backdrop with the scene of a beach. You can even have large beach umbrellas and play some salsa music. If you already have a pool, your Caribbean party can be more fun.
Fresh fruit salad
For snacks, you can have fruit plates or mocktails. The key lies in using bright colors like orange, pink, or green.
Carnival Theme
Party People Celebrating Carnival
Carnival or the Mardi Gras is also a popular party theme. Send invitations with the appropriate dress code mentioned clearly. Decorate the place with bright colors using colorful flags and banners.
Brazilian Friends Enjoying Carnival Time
You can even use necklaces, beads, feathers or other masks. Include some loud music or games like darts. This can be similar to the Halloween party.
Wonderland Theme
Friends At A Halloween Party
Girls love to dress up like princesses, but, the princess theme is quite a cliché now. So, why not modify this theme into something different? Ask the guests to dress up like characters from wonderland like princesses, fairies, angels, etc.
Closeup of cupcakes decorated with Happy Birthday theme
You can use snowflakes, balloons, and stars for decorating the place. You can even make a palace with arches or decorative pillars. Include lots of sweets and hot finger foods for snacks.
Sports Theme
A sports theme party is for all those sporty girls. Use sports accessories, posters, and other props to decorate the place. Mylar balloons or sports banners will also be helpful. You can have snacks like pizzas, nachos, etc., along with cola or soda. Sports based quiz or trivia will make a fun and interesting game for a sports themed party.
Apart from the aforementioned ones, you can even arrange a western country, princess, Hollywood, Disney, candy, dance theme party. After all a party theme is based on the likes of the birthday girl. You can choose from either of these ideas or modify them creatively to make the day a memorable one!