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Sweet Sixteen Themes

Themes for a Sweet 16 to Feel Like the Life and Soul of the Party

Are you turning 16 in the near future? Then perhaps a big birthday bash is on the way. Let us help you make your birthday party a great success with some sweet sixteen themes given in the following article...
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2018
Every teenager, on their sixteenth birthday, wants to throw the greatest party anyone has seen. This begins by choosing the most happening birthday themes out there. You literally have to put in a lot of thought and effort to pull any theme through.
Before you consider any of the themes and ideas for your 16th birthday party, you need to decide where you want to celebrate in the first place. Are you organizing the party at your home or a particular restaurant? Selecting the venue and handing out the party invitations are really important for any birthday party.
But don't worry. It may sound like a tough job at the moment, we have some wonderful sweet 16 theme ideas for guys and girls. So... what are we waiting for? Let's get to them right away.
Themes Girls Will Love
For girls, turning sixteen is a major milestone in their lives. A sweet sixteen birthday party has to be more than just pink birthday cakes and flower décor all around. Here are some exciting themes for girls that'll be one in a million.
America's Next Top Model
Happy friends on a party photo shoot
If you love fashion and glamor, an ANTM party theme is perfect to choose from. Your party's dress code would be trendy clothes with stunning accessories.
Cute young female model
There can be different party games and challenges, just as the television show. For example, set up photo shoots for the guests, arrange makeover challenges, and best catwalk contest. Make the party as lively as it can be with your unique style and creativity.
Beach Fest
Beach Party
Get your sunscreen and swimsuit ready for this beach fest. You can have the party by a pool or at the beach itself. Decorate the table with tons of vibrant colors and lay out large seashells near them. Hire a bartender to make virgin piña coladas and cocktails.
Group Of Friends Playing Volleyball
If you're at the beach, have a blast playing beach volleyball, boogie board contest, and awesome banana boat rides.
Group Of Friends Having Party In Pool
Play chicken wrestle or make bumper boats with small floating tubes. Brainstorm on ideas for pool parties and no matter what you end up playing, you're going to have the time of your life. Try a beach-like decoration for your home party and place tea lamps near the pool.
April Fools
Roof Party
One of my favorite ideas is April fool's party theme. No, no... this doesn't mean that you fool your guests into coming for your party on another day. You need to hand out funny party invitations to your friends and decorate the venue in a goofy way.
Man Suffering Domestic Accident
It's the most entertaining theme because you can organize various pranks for the guests. The best prank you can pull is by scraping off icing from the cookies and replacing it with white mint toothpaste. Gather more pranks from your friends and have a blast.
Apart from these themes, you can also opt for a tropical luau party, slumber party, roller blades party, glow-in-the-dark party, or a masquerade ball party. It really does boil down to what you love the most and then go ahead with the plans. Don't choose a theme just because everyone else 'might' like it. This is your big day; make it ONLY about yourself.
Themes Boys Will Be Interested In
Just because you're a boy doesn't mean that you can't throw a party with a fantastic theme. You can be just as creative as girls and have a fabulous party everyone will talk about for months. The themes for boys mentioned below can add excitement to your party, and impress your guests. Select the theme that matches your personality and just have fun with it.
Toga Party
Toga parties are very much in-style right now and with your guests dressed in stylish toga sheets, the party is going to be sensational. Toga party decorations are minimal, so you'll be able to plan the party in budget.
Toga party works best in summers as your guests will be wearing nothing but toga sheets. Take tons of pictures with your guests in hilarious medieval poses, and enjoy the night. So even if you have a small budget, you can easily enjoy with your friends on this big day.
New York, New York
Banks Of Hudson River And Freedom Tower
A night in the Big Apple is the most innovative ideas that'll make your guests feel like they are actually there. For invitations, design New York skyscrapers or the city skyline, and distribute them to your friends. You can decorate the venue around Times Square, Central Park, or Broadway themes.
Flatiron Building In Midtown New York
Hang big New York banners around the venue and choose a cool color theme as New York is known for its night life (gold and silver, or black and silver). Your party will be a touch of class with this New York birthday theme. Remember, presentation is everything here.
Mardi Gras
Bright colored balloons, long swirling streamers, and metallic masks represent Mardi Gras.
Party Mask On Yellow
Get long vibrant-colored beads necklaces and feathered masks for your guests to wear at the party. You can get Mardi Gras banners in purple, gold, and green colors for decoration.
Mardi Gras
Play fabulous jazz music or get a band to play at the party and organize carnival games. Mardi Gras themed party is a great hit for the sixteens.
Other birthday party themes for boys can be a black and green cocktail party (any color combination), an awesome 80's night or 70's disco night, sports party (baseball, basketball, ice hockey), Las Vegas party, or Hollywood stars theme party.
Guys have their own set of selection and can't really be mixed with what girls like. So I hope that the above mentioned themes were 'suitable' to your taste.
Choose one of the mentioned themes (for boys or girls) that will showcase your true self. It's not so hard once you've picked a theme. If you like more than one theme, why not combine the two and have twice the fun. No matter what your budget is, these unique themes make for a fun and exciting party for everyone to enjoy.