Super-awesome Invitations for Your Sweetheart's Sweet 16 Birthday

Sweet 16 Birthday Invitations
There is an abundance of different ways to make sweet 16 birthday invitations, though ideally they should be theme based. Here are some ideas with the help of which you can boost your imagination.
We've all watched the bacchanal sweet 16 parties on reality TV, but even if you can't have such an ostentatious indulgence, you can still have a unique fun celebration. Your 16th birthday definitely has you crossing a milestone, and so there are numerous ways in which you can make your celebration special and memorable. While deciding your party ideas, you need to finalize whether you are going to follow a theme (and what it will be), where you are going to have it, the food you would like to serve, and who you want to invite. I'm sure you've already stocked plenty of ideas from magazines, TV, and your friends' parties. Make a list of the feasible ones, so you can find ways to include them as your plan progresses.

Designing Invitations

There are a number of factors your invitation will depend on:
  • What is your theme?
  • What are your theme colors?
  • Are you making them, printing them out, or ordering them?
  • Are you posting them or handing them out?
Based on your theme you can come up with a cool concept. If you are printing or ordering them, you don't have to put in any effort. However, if you are making them, depending on your numbers, you can make fancy or simple party invitations. Nonetheless, you can make some really enchanting invites by using fancy textured paper and pretty ribbons. Some examples of theme based invites are :

America's Next Top Model Party: This theme that is growing in popularity is the perfect option for a girl who loves fashion and clothes. You can send a simple card that says 'Tyra Mail' on the envelope, and on the actual invite, use words similar to the announcements made on the show. A personalized invitation would make the invitees picture printed out on one side with the words "You're In" below it. On the other side you can print the party details.

Glow In The Dark Party: One of my favorites is a glow in the dark party. To make these incredibly simple theme based invitations all you need is plain white card and glow in the dark paint. Now this part will require some skill and you should practice on some regular sheets of paper. Write out the words and party details with the glow in the dark paint. Use a black marker and write "to be read in pitch darkness" on the envelope.

Hawaiian Luau Party: This is another great theme and there are several different kinds of invitations you can make for this party. One idea is to make a cut out of the map of Hawaii and print your party details in the center. Another is to shape it into a flower or a hula skirt. Use vibrant colors for these and if possible, attach a purple orchid to each card. Also include some Hawaiian words such as La hanau (birthday), Nani (beautiful), Hula (dance), and Hoaloha (friend) in the invitation. My personal favorite is to send each guest a lei along with a very simple card, and have instructions that ask them to wear it to the party.


Option 1
"When you wish upon a star,
Your dreams will take you very far,
A special wish I want to make,
That you will come and celebrate!

Jamie's Sweet Sixteen!


Option 2
An Enchanted Moment that is the Scene,
Our Princess Sara is Sweet Sixteen!
The Magnificent Day is Here at Last,
Dinner and Dancing, a Dynamic Blast!

You are cordially invited
to this joyous occasion for
Sara Owens

March 5, 2010
6:00-11:00 pm
Northwest Country Club

Option 3
Farewell to dollies,
blankies and bows
Welcome to make-up
telephones and beaus
Please join us to celebrate
Katie's 16th Birthday

on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue).

Option 4
Once in a lifetime do
you turn 16
never again will this
age be seen.
I'm inviting you to help
make mine
an event to look back
at in time.

Please join me at my
Sweet Sixteen Party
on (Date)
from (Time)
at (Venue)

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Check pictures of invitations, as per your theme, on the internet to get more ideas. Most ideas can be modified and reproduced with ease if you are handy with crafts. If you aren't, focus on the idea more than on the look.
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