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A List of Sweet 16 Themes That You MUST Try for Your Special Day

List of Sweet 16 Themes
List of themes for 16th birthday can be a really long one. You name it and it is there - from retro to toga, it is all there. Get to know more about them in this BirthdayFrenzy article.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Feb 17, 2018
Well, well! What do we have here? Wait, let me guess, is it your sixteenth birthday? Wow! That is something great! How do you plan to make it a special and an unforgettable event of your life? Events and occasions like these come once in a lifetime, and turning sweet 16 is one huge reason to party!
A themed birthday party is surely a great way to celebrate your 16th birthday. However, choosing or zeroing upon a theme can be a big challenge for some. Rack your brains a little and if you can't think of any, pick from the list below. We've enlisted a few themes and ideas that you can pick from.
Movie Buffs
Group of Happy Friends
You may hardly find any teenagers who do not like films. Yes, that is the first theme for you if you are thinking of an idea. Simple! Keep a Hollywood theme! The birthday boy or girl will be the stars of the event. Let the Hollywood effect be replete with a red carpet and velvet ropes. Ask the invitees to dress their best as all the film actors and actresses. This will make them feel like stars for the event.
Pajama Party
Pajama Party
Pajama Party
A pajama party is a great idea to spend the time with your close friends on your birthday. You can spend the whole night dancing, gossiping, playing games like 'truth or dare' or board games, watching movies back-to-back, etc. Guys can spend the night playing their favorite video games.
Face Value
Party Brides
Masquerade Party
Add a touch of mystique and suspense to the birthday party by organizing a masquerade ball. You can either choose to give the sequined masks to the guests or ask them to get one for themselves, which will match their outfits. Enjoy dancing your hearts out hidden behind exquisite masks.
Up, Close, and Personal
Personalized invitations are just perfect ideas to announce your birthday party. You can either get a design and template from the caboodle of them available on the Internet, or put your small gray cells to work and churn out a witty party invitation. To give you an idea as a parent if you are preparing the invitations, have a logo of the sports team, movie, or movie character that your teen might is crazy about. This will definitely make your invitations unique, appealing, and give your party a personal touch.
Game On
Video Game Theme
This is one of those which is bound to work well for geeky and video-game-crazy teens. A tournament style video game for sixteen-year olds is an exciting birthday theme. But this may not be in general suitable for all. Nevertheless, it is an innovative sweet sixteen idea to go about for a birthday of a boy!
Pretty Women
Your daughter is now embarking on the road to growing up into a woman. Let the 16th birthday be an opportunity for her to get introduced to make-up and things needed for her to look great! For that, a fantastic theme would be to invite the guests to a local spa (or take them there from your place) or if possible, have a spa area set up at your home. Make it like a real spa (if at home), complete with massage, pedicure, manicure, and make-up application. As party favors, gift the guests with something like a lip-gloss, a nail polish, or a nail file!
Twinkle Toes
Young people at party
Club Party
Arranging the party at a dance club is a great hit! This is perfect to go about a dance theme. A dance club can give the perfect ambiance. If going to the club is not viable, have an area in the house designed for the time being as a makeshift disco with colored lights and disco balls. The youngsters will surely have a rocking time!
Rock On
What is better than a rock party for a birthday bash? A rock star party at a club or lounge in your area nearby with a disc jockey is actually a great idea. Check out if you can have any local bands perform at the party. It will make for a fabulous implementation of a music-themed party. Keep the menu simple and short ― something like pizza, fries or hotdogs, or anything that is normally enjoyed by youngsters.
To add to all the jazz and the merriment, a theme based on the season the birthday falls in can also be innovative. If it is summer or spring, have flower decorations all over, and on the contrary, if it is winter, have a sparkling setup with snowflakes covered in glitter and create an effect of ice-covered trees. Creativity knows no bounds. Get your creative minds to work or combine any of the above, and you will get a theme for your party. Have a blast!
Friends Splashing In Pool
Happy Friends In The Park Cheering
Spooky Friends Posing On The Selfie