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Trouble-free Teenage Birthday Party Ideas

Uttara Manohar Sep 29, 2018
With these teenage birthday party ideas, you'll be able to organize a fun event for the teenagers without crossing the limits and bring in many elements that will prove to be a success once the party is through.
If you thought that hosting a teenage birthday party is a simple task, then you need to think twice. Owing to the constant exposure to celebrity style partying through various media channels, teenagers are getting more and more demanding about the kind of parties they want for the event.

How to Plan the Party

While planning there are many things that a parent needs to keep in mind. Hosting a party of a room full of rebellious teens might be more difficult than you think. There are so many things that could go wrong and hence, as a parent or as a responsible host these are some of the things that you should keep in mind.

Know Where to Draw The Line

Well before you start planning, you should first have a brief discussion with your teen about it. Ask him/her about the kind of party he/she wants, the number of people to be invited, the menu as well as the drinks and decorations.
Remember that this is a very delicate age, you cannot treat your teenager like a toddler, and dictate terms, nor can you give your child complete control and just let him/her turn the event into an over-the-top, rambunctious affair.

Pick an Appropriate Theme

Select a theme, which is not very childish or too grownup. Themes that are generally related to the popular hobbies and activities are a major hit. Think of themes based on sports, movies, or simply design it around the type of food you are going to serve.
Movie themes can be great, since you can easily create a great ambience with movie-theme supplies available in the market. A luau, pool, or a toga party can be a great idea.

Be a Responsible Parent

While planning, deciding the venue is of utmost importance. Select a venue that is convenient for everyone including the guests as well as the parents who are going to drop and pick up the kids. Ensure that there are enough chaperons to keep a check on all the things that could possibly go wrong.
As a parent hosting a teenage party is a matter of great responsibility as well. There are so many things that parents are worried about. Drugs, alcohol, and sex are some of the common fears. It is always best to keep a minimum number of chaperons since no teen wants snooping parents at a birthday party. So, be watchful but don't snoop.

Serving Alcohol?

One important question that needs to be answered is whether to serve alcohol. First of all, ensure that all the teens attending the party are above the minimum legal drinking age in you country or state.
In case they are legally allowed to drink, as a parent it is your responsibility to consult with the parents of all the children and ensure they are comfortable with the idea.
In case you are serving alcohol, make arrangements for the kids to stay over for the night. If not, ensure that their parents / chaperons will pick them up after the event, because you just cannot allow them to drive after drinking.
Remember that teenagers can be very fussy, so try give them a party that they truly want. However, put your foot down when it comes to important decisions. Do not encourage any obscene or sleazy entertainment. Keep it clean and fun.