Unusual Gifts for 18th Birthday

Unusual Gifts for 18th Birthday

This article helps you find unusual gifts for the 18th birthday for both girls and boys. Find out what to get them, and how to make this special occasion unique and memorable.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
The eighteenth birthday is a major milestone in the life of any youngster, a rite of passage, an entry into the world of adults. It is an emotional time and is one of the most memorable moments of their lives. Now, how does one pick the most unusual gift for their special day? What if you get it wrong? How can you be sure that it is well received and appreciated? Well, this my friend, is no ordinary project, and it needs a step-by-step analysis. We need to think differently, creatively, and go beyond the ordinary. We need to examine our resources, and plan our every move, every second counts. So, let's quickly begin our mammoth task of picking out the most unusual gifts for an 18th birthday.

Step 1

Think of the person you are going to give your gifts to. Now ask yourself, "What are his/her likes and dislikes?" Each person is a unique individual, and the more you know about him/her, the better are your chances of being able to find the most unique items for them. Do some research (that doesn't include invading their privacy). A little bit of thoughtfulness goes a long way. If you are not sure, or are unable to contact them, you could check out their social network profiles for some clues. Ask people who might have an idea, but make sure it's a reliable source, and always double check to be sure. Make sure you get this part right, because if you don't, your present might just make it to the worst gifts of all time list!

Step 2

Look at your available resources. I am talking about time, money, or just plain old creativity. If you have all the above you are indeed bestowed. But mostly, we all fall short in one of the above resources. If you have a big wallet and an even bigger heart, go ahead and splurge on any of the latest goodies on the market, from gadgets to holidays to jewelry. It would be an added advantage if you get them personalized gifts. If you still do, then please read step one properly. It will help you decide. For the rest of us who do not have money, but do have a lot of time to spare, you could try making something for the birthday boy/girl, again keeping step 1 in mind. Remember to keep their personal tastes in consideration, and also try to give them something that they could use. You could couple it with a unique handmade card. You can also buy something simple but useful, and personalize it according to their tastes.

For Girls
  • Clothes are an excellent option for girls, but instead of buying them for her, get her a voucher from a mall or fashion outlet she always prefers or would like to shop at. It could be one of her most memorable presents. Women love shopping, and she would definitely love the opportunity of picking a dress for herself. If you are up for it, you could find out about her favorite brands, and then pick out something in her favorite color by yourself. Clothes are usually tricky to buy, and should be brought only if you have a good knowledge of what he/she likes and also, more importantly, the size and fit.
  • An alternative to clothes could be jewelry, which is always a favorite among most girls. You could buy her a necklace, bracelets, earrings, rings, or even anklets, which make great jewelry gifts. Just make sure the jewelry suits her attitude and style.
  • Another creative idea for girls could be to give her a holiday pack to an exotic destination that you know she would love. This is sure to have her screaming with joy.
  • She has now reached the legal driving age, and it is but obvious that getting her a car will drive her crazy. Go that extra mile and customize it to include her favorite colors, with added accessories, like a DVD player with her favorite movies and music.
  • If you can, you could arrange for her to meet, or at least, watch one of her favorite celebrities performing.
For Boys
  • Get him a classy customized car with the latest accessories or a motorcycle with full racing gear, and watch his face light up with joy.
  • Find out about the latest gadgets, and buy one for him. Music players, laptops, mobile phones, or gaming devices make excellent options.
  • Arrange for him to participate in an activity he enjoys, and if possible, meet a celebrity or famous personality from that field.
Another unique idea for both females and males is to create a collage or video montage of earlier years showing how and why they are special to you, and depicting their unique characters and qualities. It could contain testimonies from their friends, parents, relatives, teachers, and other people who have been associated with them.

Funny Gifts

If you know that the birthday boy/girl is good-humored and wouldn't mind a good joke, you could get them one of the many gag gifts that are easily available in most stores. You could go for prank presents that scare the person, only for them to realize later that it was just a prank. Another thing you could get them are weird clocks or funny decorative items that are related to cartoons or humor. It could range from subtle humor to downright outrageous, but always keep the receiver in mind before you give them the article, and make sure they are not offended by it. Remember to get something that they wouldn't easily figure out about. You could get it for your boyfriend or girlfriend too, but if he/she isn't too good humored and you want to give him something else, (which is always safer), you could get one of the normal gifts for your boyfriend/girlfriend.

Good luck then, on buying your gift. Now go ahead and do what must be done, and don't waste too much time thinking, because - "You can't change the past, but you can ruin the present (pun intended) by worrying about the future."- Anonymous.
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