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Out-of-the-box Ideas for a Winter Birthday Party

Ashwini Kulkarni Sule Nov 24, 2018
Winter birthday parties can be as fun as summer parties if not more. The ideas given here should help you in organizing a memorable party.
As the mercury begins to fall, outdoor activities take a back seat, and people spend their time in the warmth of their homes. Naturally, party celebrations also have to be confined to homes or other enclosed spaces. You may have difficulty explaining your child born in December, why she cannot have a pool party like other kids born in the warmer months.
However, the fact is that, you can bring as much fun to your winter birthday party as you can for summer pool parties. You will need meticulous planning and some exciting ideas. So, go through the winter birthday party ideas given here and throw a cool birthday bash for your child.


Organizing an outdoor winter birthday party, is very much an enticing option. The best thing is that nature does most of the decorations for you. However, do consider this option only if the weather is not freezing cold in your area. A layer of snow with calm weather provides a perfect ambiance for an outdoor party.
However, if you expect snowfall at the time of occasion, it's better to stick to indoor plans. Knowing your weather beforehand is a must, because canceling or rescheduling a party is too much of a hassle. Think well, and decide the venue.


Invitations must reflect the wintry spirit of the party.
Buy some light blue plain greeting cards, and make birthday invitations yourself. On the outer cover, glue some paper snowflakes and silver glitter. Inside, mention all the details of the party, such as day, date, time, venue, theme, dress code, etc.
If you are organizing an outdoor party, inform people beforehand so that the kids can dress up accordingly. Seal the envelopes with fake snow confetti and some more glitter.


Sledding party is a favorite winter theme. Kids simply love riding a sled, hence this party idea is a big hit. However, a small hill closer to your home is needed for implementing this theme.
If you have a hill in the backyard, then it would be perfect, as kids can warm up inside the house in between rides. Other popular themes include wonderland theme, princess theme, fairy tale theme, etc.


Your job is half done if you have a fresh snow-covering ground. While organizing an indoor party, consider bringing snow with other party supplies. Small kiddie pools serve perfectly as snow holders. Kids can play in pools, make snowmen or throw snow balls.
However, place plastic tarps under the pools, and arrange this activity in one corner of the house so that you don't have mess everywhere. You can also decorate using cotton batting and fake snowflakes. Decorate the room in lot of white and silver streamers and artificial snow. Tie snowflakes from the ceiling for an enthralling effect.


One thing that you should consider while planning the event indoors is that you will probably need a lot more activities than you would, while organizing outdoor pool parties, as there is no scope for free play. If you bring the snow indoors, you can keep the kids busy by asking them to make snowmen or having a snowball fight.
Arrange for some interesting things like crafts and games. Making snow globes out of baby food jars is a popular craft for winter parties. Plan games like putting snowballs through the holes in the wooden board. The smaller the hole, the more points associated with it and vice versa.

Food and Drink

Hot chocolate is a must for a winter birthday party to keep the guests warm. You can also have apple cider with cinnamon or make snow ice cream.
Other party foods include French fries, corn dogs, kettle corn, and cotton candy. You can make the cake in the form of a snow man by baking it in two pans of different sizes. Lay them side by side, and decorate with lot of white icing.
Thus, winter birthday parties can be absolutely spectacular and exciting. Hope the party ideas given here will help you out.