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15th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls: Simply Fascinating!

15th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Have you asked your daughter how she would like to celebrate her fifteenth birthday? Well, if she is undecided, share the party ideas given in this article with her, to help zero in on an idea that can make her birthday, a day that she will never forget.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
What are your best memories from your childhood? Some of my best memories are of my birthday. My birthday has always been the most important day of the year (it still is). Birthdays were even more important as a teenager when you had to have the best party ever and have a fun time with all your friends. A fifteenth birthday is often one of those in between years just before the very important sweet sixteen. To make this birthday extremely special, give your daughter a day she will never forget. Plan a brilliant birthday for your daughter using one of the ideas given in this article.
15th Birthday Party Themes
What are the best ideas for a girl's fifteenth birthday? Well, there is no one way to decide this, nor are there some specific ideas that would work for every fifteen year old girl. The choice of how she wants to celebrate her birthday will depend on what her interests are and how she likes to party. If she is an introvert with a few friends, then she would like to spend her special day with a few of her closest friends, while if she is one of the most popular girls in school, chances are that she will have a huge party. Given below are some of the best 15th birthday party ideas for girls.
Mardi Gras Party
This can be a brilliant theme for a party for fifteen year old girl. Obviously the color scheme for the party would be purple, green, and gold which are the Mardi Gras colors. Stock up on beads, confetti feathers, and decorations in these colors. Obtaining music that is fit for the Mardi Gras theme maybe a bit of a problem but you could always stick to songs that are popular with the teens instead of going for Mardi Gras music. Ensure that you stock up on feathered masks and boas to hand out to your guests as they walk in so that they are in tandem with the theme. For the menu, stick to food items like fish and king cakes which are integral to the Mardi Gras spirit. You can also serve donuts, cheese balls, etc. Also stock up on soda and fruit juices.
Pajama Party
If your daughter would rather celebrate her birthday with a couple of her closest friends, then host a slumber party, albeit with a twist. Instead of having that pajama party at your house, rent a hotel room. Have a nice dinner at a posh restaurant with your daughter and her friends, and then book into a hotel room. To ensure that your princess gets the treatment she deserves, book into a suite with two rooms, one for your daughter and her friends and one for you. Have a stack of their favorite movie DVDs delivered to the room. Also pamper them with makeover sessions. Your daughter and her friends are sure to have a fun time.
Superheroes and Villains
This is another great theme for a birthday party. Ask your daughter's friends to attend the party as their favorite superhero or villain. Send out invites that read, if you could be any superhero or meddling villain for a day, who would you be. Ensure that you send out the invites at least a couple of days in advance. The decor of the party venue should reflect the theme with cutouts of superheroes and menacing villains in place. While planning the menu, name them according to popular events from comic books. The party is sure to be a grand success.
Awards Night
Which teenage girl has not dreamed of walking down the red carpet wearing a lovely gown? Make your daughter's dreams come true by hosting a party themed to resemble an awards night. Send out invitations in the form of VIP passes personalized with their names typed on them. Specify the dress code as Black tie formal. Use decorations in colors like black, white, red, gold, and other colors that are synonymous with elegant events like the Oscars. Give the d├ęcor an authentic look by renting small Oscar statues and using them as table centerpieces. Arrange for a red carpet for the guests to walk on and standees of stars for them to get photos clicked with.
Fun Fair Party
If your daughter is more of an outdoors person who would prefer a party with a lot of activity, then opt for this idea. You could host a party that resembles a fun fair. Hire a fortune teller, tarot card reader, set up stalls with games, face painting kiosks, hair braiding stalls, etc. Have food stalls with items that are synonymous with fetes and fairs like cotton candy, hot-dogs, burgers, etc. For the entrance you can create an arch to resemble a big tent. Use customized tickets as invitations for the party.
The idea that you finally decide on for your daughter's fifteenth birthday party will depend on what her interests are. In this article we have given you just some of the many 15th birthday party ideas for girls. At the end of the day, all that matters is that your daughter has a fun time with her friends and has a great birthday.
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