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Remarkably Enchanting 18th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls

18th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Thinking of planning the 18th birthday party for your daughter and need some ideas for the same? Read through the following article and you'll have some great ideas to look into and draw inspiration from.
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
She just can't seem to keep still for a minute. The excitement that surrounds the idea of turning 18 has become all too much for her to contain. She keeps reminding everyone around her of how exactly in a week she'll be 18...only to come back, not an hour later and repeat the same again. So it's finally time to get the celebrations rolling. She's waited for her 18th birthday for such an incredible amount of time and you want to make it special for her. And why wouldn't you.
So how do you ensure that she has the most awesome time on her special day? By arranging for a celebration that is not the mundane, same old same old, but something that she'll remember for a lifetime. Sounds good to me. Sounds good to you? Of course it does. But for that to happen you'll need some of the best 18th birthday party ideas. Then guess what, that is exactly what we will be discussing in this following piece. Interested? Read, read.
18th Birthday Party Themes for Girls
There might be that phase when you suddenly get all confused and overwhelmed about what is to be done and how to plan the party well enough. What to include and what to leave out and how to make it all work out for the best. First, breathe. And second, just go through the following party ideas for a girl's 18th birthday celebration and I'm sure you'll find something just right for what you have in mind.
Adventure Sports...
So now imagine just how awesome a day of adventure sports with all her friends would be. All you do is get them packing in one huge car and take them for a day of complete adventure sports. Water rappelling, rock climbing, parasailing, paragliding and whatever else that you think of, include water sports in that, why not. If you've done any adventure sports, you'll know just how much of an adrenaline rush it is and the high that it gives a person. Really. And she? She'll love, love, love it. Provided of course that she likes these kinds of things. But even then, there are very few people who will not give in to the rush of these things.
Childhood Games...
Games and more games at a home party I'll tell you why it's fun. 'Coz it's been a long time since she's done anything remotely like this. You tend to leave all these things far, far behind as you grow up, relegating them to being a part of your childhood. Then imagine what awesome fun it will be when you plan a birthday party for her and include all her childhood games in it. Off the top of my head - Scavenger hunts, dog and the bone, tag-you're it, charades, Pictionary and more. Get one of her friends to help her out, or get her on board and then get to the planning.
Surprise Party with Gifts...
A surprise birthday party with presents. No matter what anyone says, we all love a surprise birthday party. And even if we don't, this one time it can be an exception. After all, it's the question of awesomizing the 18th birthday. Plan this one with the help of all her friends and they'll end up giving you dough on how to make her party really special. What to include and what to leave. Of course the food and entertainment I leave up to you, but I'll say one thing - make it extra special by giving her 18 different birthday presents. So, so fun.
Sponsored Shopping and Spa Trip...
Girls and shopping. Shopping and girls. Cliché? No way. Retail therapy has always been on top of any girl's wish list...And at 18? Need I say more. Set a budget and tell her to get whatever she wants. Add in the spa trip or a makeover trip and she'll be a happy trooper prancing all about.
Music Night...
Make it all about the music and arrange for a DJ night or a music concert. Dancing away the 18th birthday? Now who wouldn't want to do that? They would, they definitely would. Arrange for a DJ or a local artist and set up a concert, then get her to scream and shout with all her friends. Fun times.
Costume/Theme Party Night...
A costume party or a theme party, though a tried and tested formula can turn out to be a whole lot of fun. Choose from any of the popular themes like the 80s, 90s, Moulin rouge, toga party, pool party, disco theme, beach or luau party, casino party and more. The best part about these themes is that the food and decorations can all be arranged according to the main theme. Simple and smart.
A Two Day Stay...
What fun! Imagine the happiness radiating from her face when you tell her about a fully sponsored trip to a fun place (that I leave up to you and your budget). If you can manage it, include a friend as well and then watch her jump in joy.
And that is how it's done, you know? Take any of these ideas and go plan an incredibly awesome party for that special girl. She's going to love you to bits for this one. Hell, I'm loving you a little bit myself for what you're about to do. May it be a rocking party.
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