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18th Birthday Party Ideas for Guys That are Boisterously Wild

18th Birthday Party Ideas for Guys
Are you looking for 18th birthday party ideas for guys? Well, you are in the right place as we have some interesting ideas put together just for you. Pick one!
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
Right from finding the most perfect venue and decorating it, to making a guests list and sending out invitations, to picking and arranging the menu as well as the cake! There's so much to do when you have to throw a birthday party for your friends and family. But when there are occasions like an 18th birthday, I am sure none of you would mind going through the effort of making the day special for your loved ones.
House Party
a house party for guys
Teenage boys who are about to turn 18, are not very fond of a fancy party with themes and decorations. They expect a simple house party with just a few friends from school and family members to make their day memorable. A house party is convenient, cheap and can be as much fun as you want. You don't have to bother hunting for a venue and the guests can be comfortable with no deadlines to stop the party! All you have to take care of is the decoration, music, food, cake, and the gifts.
Theme Party
a halloween themed birthday party
If you are looking for a big party idea, and don't mind expanding your budget, theme parties can be a fun option. Theme parties can be arranged at home or at other venues, where you could decide a dress code, and arrange the food, cake, music, etc. depending on these themes. The party themes for guys can be as varied as; cowboy, rock-star, Hollywood, sports, etc. as these would attract most guests. You can have related party games and activities, and guests would love to wear colorful costumes.
Water Party
water side party
Pool and beach parties are a rage among youngsters, for they are fun! You can arrange for a pool party at home with a Hawaiian theme for guests. You can very easily create the effect of the beach at a pool party with decorations and music. Well, I would suggest nothing other than a beach party for the birthday boy. The combination of sea food appetizers, summer cocktails, sound of splashing waves and music, is the perfect birthday for a young man who wants a happening party with his friends.
Club Party
a club party
Another birthday party idea for guys is to throw him a party at his favorite dance club! This is one of the easiest birthday parties to arrange, since you have a ready to use party venue and you don't have to bother about arranging for food, decoration or music. However, this idea could get slightly expensive. Clubbing and dancing with friends is always fun and when you don't have to pay for it, the birthday boy is surely going to have a bash. Of course, don't forget his extra cool cake!
Young adult couple at home party
Friends With Balloons Sitting On Sofa In Living Room
Young Friends Sitting On A Pier
Friends playing blind man's bluff
Friends Enjoying Summer Pool Party