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21st Birthday Invitation Wordings

21st Birthday Invitation Wordings

Your 21st birthday coming up and you want to have the most perfect wordings for your invitation card. Need help with that then? Coming right up in this article.
Rujuta Borkar
I had a blast on my 21st birthday. Was it because of the menu, the friends, the crazy singing from the rooftop, the red birthday dress, the solitaire diamond pendant or the fact that I was 21...that I don't really know. But it was just the best time I had. And now that I think about it, it all started with the birthday card. It was a combination of wit, humor and made so much sense. That pretty much set the tone for the party that was to happen and how. Like I said - Best day ever. Which brings me to the reiteration that a 21st birthday party should be just perfect. Any other party should be just as perfect as well, but then a 21st birthday is something special. And don't all of them who are going to be 21 envision a perfectly great party for themselves? And for that to happen you need to have not only the most perfect venue, the most perfect menu and the most perfect entertainment but also the most perfect 21st birthday invitation card.

Don't underestimate this one, 'coz this one will really set the mood and let people know what your party is going to be all about. If it is ideas for the different kind of wordings for a 21st birthday invitation that you aren't really sure about, then you should definitely look through this following article and draw some inspiration from these samples given below. I'm sure you'll find something you'll like.

21st Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

The tone of the invitation wordings will depend on the kind of celebrations that you're having. So before anything else, you need to decide what exactly it is that you're looking to have. Some people have a formal party while others have a really informal one and that is clearly seen in their cards. Let's not waste any more time now and give you a good mix of the different types of invitation wordings.

Chats, beers & 
much much more!

Join us in celebrating 
Eden Miller's 21st Birthday 

On Saturday, June 12th 
7 p.m. Onwards

At Marco's Village Pub 
324 Village Drive Inn
Seaside, California

A fabulous party is planned
and you're invited on shore,
but don't tell the Birthday Girl,
cause she doesn't know!

Join us for a
Surprise 21st Birthday Party
for Bella Borderick

RSVP (Number)
Regrets (Number)

Please join us in celebrating
Jilly's 21st Birthday 

On Friday, April 29, 2011
From 7:00 pm till Midnight

The Old English Barn
767, Montgomery Boulevard
Montgomery, IL

RSVP (Number)
Regrets (Number)

Mark your diaries,
save the date...

Chloe's turning 21,

help us celebrate.

Please join us for a
BIRTHDAY celebration
8.30 pm, May 25th, 2011

The Eastern Day Restaurant
1345 Birchcraft Road

Regrets only (Number)

Yes, yes. You heard that right!
Gustav Gordon
is gonna be the Big 2-1!

He said 'A party, no way!'
but we talked it over
and we're having one anyway

March 30th at 8p.m.

At Tate's Bar and Barbecue
2555 Lake Lane
LaVista, Rhode Island
Hosted by: Sara & Claire Gordon

21 years have finally passed
I can order a gin and tonic
Adult forever from now I'll be
and I'm loving, loving it!

Join me for some burritos,
sombreros and Fiesta fun.

6 pm, May 25th, 2011
Frisco's Bar and Restaurant

Ranson Lawdale
213, North East Road
Garden Apartment
Regrets only (Number)


You know what that means?
It's time to party!

The time is here,
the time has finally come
Conrad is turning the big 2-1!
So come & join us for some fun 

Regrets to (Number)

Rachel Bilson is turning 21.
And she's excited as hell!

Please be her guest at a 
Birthday Bash 
on Saturday, May 15th 

Appetizers & drinks at 8p.m. 
Cake at 8.30p.m.
Games at 9:30p.m.

Mike Bell's Residence
1399 Campbell Street

Shhh...It's a Surprise!
Justin told me
No party...
get me the latest Android instead!'
But when have I ever listened
to a thing that he's said.
So I decided to invite
those we hold dear
to help us celebrate
his 21st Year!

Join us at our residence on
May 7th, Saturday at 8pm.

The years just went by
and before we knew it
she was 21!

Help us celebrate
Ronda Shannon's
21st Birthday

On July 5th
at 5:30p.m.
Lily Garden Cafe

Regrets only to Sara Botham

Simple and effective, is it not? All you do now is find the 21st birthday invitation wordings that you like best and go make a really good card out of it. Something that will impress the guests and make them want to come to your party. Then like I said, bring the roof down on your 21st birthday. That is how it should be done any which way.
Friends looking at birthday cake
Friends Toasting With Champagne
Decorative floral wedding invitation