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Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women

Birthday Gifts for Pregnant Women
Are you searching for birthday gifts for pregnant women? Well, you have just landed at the right place. This article helps you with a wide range of innovative gifts for the mother-to-be, on her birthday. Keep reading.
Divya Bichu
When a woman is pregnant, she is showered with tons of gifts and presents. Her family is very happy about the arrival of the baby and there are plenty of gifts for her. Her office people send her coupons and vouchers. Her husband probably is the most happiest man on the face of this earth, therefore pampers her through all. With all this is becomes difficult to come up with a gift for a pregnant woman on her birthday. On the contrary if you observe the gifts that new mother-to-be is showered with, are normally for the baby and very rarely for her. Now, as much as the mother-to-be likes to accumulate all the gifts for her baby, she definitely is looking at presents for herself too. What better occasion than her birthday to gift her something special which goes out specially for her, hence making her feel special. I have jotted down a few gifts for pregnant women on her birthday.
Gifts for Pregnant Women
When a woman is pregnant, she tends to neglect her personal skin care regime. There are already so many things in her head, her diet, her medicines, the dos and don'ts during pregnancy, and what not. Therefore, what better than planning for a makeover session for her. Women already look beautiful during the pregnancy phase, and a makeover will just add to it all. Wow! So, a makeover is something you must consider as a gift for a pregnant woman on her birthday.
Satisfy Her Food Cravings
Pregnancy is the phase when a woman feels like eating almost anything, any time. During pregnancy, a woman's body goes through extreme hormonal changes. These changes have a strong impact on their taste and smell. Now, these food cravings come out of nowhere and disappear as quickly as they appear. Some women have absolutely weird and abstract food cravings. So what you can do is listen to her and know her cravings, and treat her with the same! This will make her super happy! Statistics also show that 50% of the women want something sweet to eat. Therefore, a basket of chocolates or sweets will be an ideal birthday gift for a pregnant woman!
Assorted Movie DVDs
Most women prefer to be at home, resting and enjoying the pregnancy phase. She may be bored sometimes when at home. A gift that could cheer her up could be a collection of assorted or rather her favorite movie DVDs, to keep her occupied and happy! Movie collection can include movies like Father of the Bride, Baby Mama, Knocked Up, Nine Months, Junior, She's Having a Baby, Baby Boom, Baby on Board, Cheaper By The Dozen, Adventures in Babysitting, and so on. Hence, assorted movie DVDs is one of the prefect gifts for pregnant women.
Fun Maternity Clothes
Pregnancy is the time when women tend to put on weight easily. Gifting her pretty clothes according to the trimesters of pregnancy would be fun and something she would love. Cute short dungarees, a loose one piece or a spaghetti strap maternity maxi dress, are good options. Make sure you buy subtle pastel colors and a comfortable fabric as well. Wrap it up cutely and surprise her!
Massaging Foot Bath
Pregnant women usually complain about leg aches and hip aches. And it is normal during pregnancy. So, how about coming up with this fantastic idea of a massaging foot bath? A massaging foot bath makes a very thoughtful gift as it can be used after the pregnancy period as well. It is something she is going to love and would look forward to using!
Bath Sets and Scented Candles
Like said earlier, hormonal changes have a strong impact on the senses like smell. An aromatic bath set or scented candles are the best birthday gifts for pregnant women. It would only give her a chance to pamper herself and feel special at the same time!
Spa Treatment
Get her spa treatment on her birthday. A spa would let her relax and get herself pampered. Aromatherapy is something you must select amongst the many options available at the spa, since that therapy enhances energy and helps you relax to the fullest.
There are so many other options as well. All you need to do is think for the new mother and get a little innovative. Keep the above ideas in mind and you are sure to thrill the mother-to-be on her birthday! So go ahead and pick one of the above gift ideas and make her day!
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