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Truly Terrific 40th Birthday Ideas for Men

40th Birthday Ideas for Men
Here are 40th birthday ideas for men who are heading towards a whole new phase in their lives. Make them feel special, young and above all, loved with these thoughtful gift ideas...
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Mar 9, 2018
Many men dread that time in their lives, when they cross their twenties, then thirties - not many looking forward to living out their forties. They tend to feel old, losing interest in things they once loved and occasionally need that special something to uplift their spirits. That's where you come in. Be it your husband, partner, family member or best friend - everyone needs that one day in their lives when the world revolves around them for a whole 24 hours. Find out ways on how to make that one day unforgettable and memorable, with gift ideas that he will have no choice but to love, and appreciate. Here you'll find help on 40th birthday ideas, and hopefully you'll find something worth your while.
40th Birthday Ideas for Husband
These gift ideas can also be given to family, or your partners, to show them how they've come a long way, and that their age only defines time, and not them. Make him feel vibrant and happy, by presenting these gifts to make him feel like the luckiest guy out there. These 40th birthday ideas for him, are sure to fuel excitement about what's in store.
Sports Related
Is your man into sports gear or has a favorite team/game that he's constantly glued on television? Here's your chance to impress him with what you have in store. If he's turning 40, you're sure to know which is his favorite team, who he cheers for, which games he plays with the boys on a Sunday afternoon. So a month from the big day, browse stores that house equipment that he can really use - golfing set (if he has an old one he needs to get rid of), jerseys to wear on his night outs to watch a game, sport shoes when he's out running or playing a round of basketball/soccer/football or maybe even a big screen TV to watch his games on (now that's a stunner).
Weekend Getaway
Notice if he's working too hard, and sitting late nights at the office? Give him a relaxing weekend away from home, at a bed and breakfast or a resort somewhere far, far away. It gives men a sense of freedom to be away from such troubles and a tense environment, even if it's just for a while. Book it in advance, and avail from special spa packages or outdoor activities. It'll really make him appreciate the fact that you want him to stop and take time off from his hectic routine, to go on a weekend getaway on his birthday.
Surprise Rendezvous
This can turn into one of many funny 40th birthday ideas, but it's cute anyway. Tell him you're working late, and won't be able to make it for any evening plans on his birthday. He'll be dejected when he arrives home, probably planning to meet up with the boys instead. Place a small envelope on his bedside dresser, inviting him to meet you at the carnival! He'll think you're nuts at first and then try to get in touch with you. Ignore his calls, and mention in the note that he can't communicate with you at all, until and unless he's at the carnival at a set time. Once he gets there, you two can spend the whole night doing fun things like go on outrageous rides and binge on junk and candy floss. Living that one day like as if you were two carefree teenagers, seems like a fun thing to do on his birthday. It'll make him feel young, and it'll be one of the best experiences in his life, in a very long time.
Keeping It Simple
For those husbands who'd rather be home, watching a game, with a crate of beer - a perfect home based birthday plan would be to prepare his favorite meals. Men love women who encourage T-bone steak with fries. Let him indulge in a day where calories don't matter. Besides, it'll be fun to let your hair down just this once, for his big day. It's a 40th birthday male fantasy come true, to have all that he loves to eat on his birthday, that too in the comfort of his living room.
These 40th birthday ideas for him, are sure to make it something he'll remember for a long time. You can always include his friends, or a favorite couple you hang out with, so that he has everyone together on his special day.You can incorporate these ideas for even 40th birthday ideas for best friends, since men are alike, when it comes to what they want. You could give him the weekend off with his wife/partner or call him over and make a day out of it along with your family and common friends. Just be sure to keep an open ear when it comes to things he likes most, or wishes he had. That way you're sure to give him a good surprise, with the gift you've got for him.
These birthday ideas can be experimented with, or mixed and matched with other ideas that you may have brewing in mind. The fact that you're here reading this, shows that you want to go all out for him, since he's now moving on to the forties. I hope he loves what you have been keeping in the shadows, and just remember - it's the thought that counts.
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