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Wonderful 16th Birthday Party Ideas All Girls Will Love

16th Birthday Party Ideas for Girls
Coming up with good 16th birthday party ideas for girls can be a real task, given all the drama and hype surrounding their lives anyway. Nevertheless, this article has some ideas, that you may want to try out to make her day that extra bit special.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
So, it's your princess' 16th birthday. And you know how important this day is for her. This is the day she goes through that ever important transition, from little girl to a young woman. She begins to experience changes, in herself, and in people and things around her. And as she undergoes this transformation, it is only natural that she have an awesome birthday party to celebrate it, don't you think? This article has some ideas, especially thought of for girls turning 16! Try one of them out, and let us know if it was successful or not.
Ideas for a Girl's Sweet Sixteen Party
Many parents fret at the prospect of hosting birthday parties. And this fretting can turn to fully blown paranoia when it is for teenagers, especially girls! Girls bring on all the drama possible, and when it is a day as important as their 16th birthday, so you can surely expect some high voltage stuff. Everything has to be perfect, needless to say. And so, we have come up with some sweet sixteen ideas, that may help you out a bit. They've been expressly designed for girls' parties, so carry them out perfectly and you'll earn major brownie points for your creativity and thorough execution. Here we go.
Masquerade Party
Masquerade Party
A cool birthday party idea for a 16-year-old girl could be a masquerade party. Invite all her school friends, and inform them that it is a masquerade party. Ask them to be dressed in clothes befitting a masquerade party, so that the overall effect is something to the effect of the one that Dracula has in Van Helsing. Play some awesome music, and some great party food, to get the mood going. At the end of the party, announce the best dressed person and give her a small prize for it!
Adventure Party
Hiker girls watching map
If your daughter and her friends are into adventure sports, take them all on a trip on her birthday. You will need to plan the trip much in advance for this though. You can get the required permission from all parents beforehand and let it be a surprise for all the girls attending. Ask them to dress appropriately and take them to a nearby adventure resort, or organize a fun trekking or hiking trip for the lot. Go camping in the woods, have a bonfire, a barbecue, and have a lovely day in the midst of nature! Make sure you check the weather forecast too!
Hollywood Style
Birthday Fun
Here's an idea that you'll need a considerable amount of money for. Book a fancy hall for the party, and send out birthday invitations to all her friends, that a grand birthday celebration is to be held. Tell them that the event is formal, and they are expected to be dressed in appropriate attire. Hire a limo to pick up your daughter, and her friends from your place. Have the people at the hall arrange for a red carpet entry into the venue. Have some great music, and great food, and your Hollywood style party will be a sparkling success.
International Theme
Friends eating
Have an international theme for the party. Send out the invitations bearing flags of different nations. This party does not require any particular dress theme. Just let the guests come over and enjoy the party that you have planned. Have a couple of good international movies to watch at the party, and serve cuisine from the different countries that you've put on the invites. If you're on the lookout for a stylish birthday party idea, then this is just the one.
Classic Slumber Party
Friends having fun
We are sure you've guessed it by now. Yes! You're right. When it comes to arranging teen parties, the all time favorite is the evergreen slumber party. Here's the twist; have it on the eve of her birthday. Make it a girls-only party and call all her friends, order some pizza, hand them a few mushy chick flicks to watch, and some pillows. Then at the stroke of midnight, bring in the birthday cake and have the friends give her all the gifts (which you can stash away as soon as they arrive). They can enjoy their night gossiping, snacking, laughing, doing make-up and pillow fighting. It's an all time classic, and you can never go wrong with it.
If you're not happy with these ideas, take a look at this list of sweet 16 themes, and pick one from them if you like. Arrange for party favors, that are in sync with the theme of the party and make her 16th birthday a memorable one.
Sweet Sixteen Cake
Carnival Mask And Streamers
Smiling girls have party with presents, cake and balloons
Birthday Friends
Carnival mask
Birthday Friends
Young Friends in a Bar
Young peoples birthday party
Friends Gives A Gifts
Birthday of young man and three girl
Young people celebrating a birthday sitting at the table