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50th Birthday Cake Themes for Men: Too Good to Miss!

50th Birthday Cakes for Men
Has the man in your house reached the half century mark of his life? Perhaps you might need some great ideas regarding 50th birthday cakes for men. Take a look into this article, and I am sure you will enjoy it.
Fatima Rangwala
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
For a man who is turning 50 this year or perhaps has already turned 50 today, buying a birthday gift is very tricky. He has already got everything for himself to use, wear, live, and be happy about. So, reprising him with something similar is pointless. It's more than likely that he will not get convinced with the idea of accepting any gift from his loved ones and would prefer celebrating the day plainly. So now what? What is it that you must do to make a 50 year old man in your life feel happy on this special day? How about making this occasion just simple and memorable with a nice creamy cake? So, the best way to make a 50 year old man happy is to either make a custom-designed cake at home or order one from the pastry shop, and surprise him on his big day! If you have your own ideas for making birthday cakes, then you can use them in your preparations or ask people at the pastry shop to idealize the same to form a theme.
Football Team Cake
If the craze of football has not yet gone out of his head even at the age of 50, then he is certainly a die-hard fan of this game. You can easily decorate the cake with his favorite football team, the one that he usually supports during the matches. If it's a two-tier cake, try making the base as the football field, say green in color, and the top tier would have a football designed on it with specific colors of the team. As long as football as a sport would last in the world, it is always going to be the best idea when it comes to creating best 30th, 40th, or 50th birthday cake designs.
Personalized Present Gift Cake-Box
It's a unique feeling if you are one of the loved ones in his life who remembers every small achievement and happiness he accomplished in his life. You can gift all of these memories in one box, in a flash of a moment. But the only difference is that the box is a cake box. If you are celebrating the birthday of your father, son, grandfather, husband, co-worker, or anyone else, try gathering all the valuables he has accomplished in his life and customize it in the form of a cake in the cake box. The lid of the box can be left half open so that all the items can be noticed properly. This is one of the birthday cake ideas that will keep that 50 year old man still fresh at heart.
Over the Hill Cake
This theme is a good one! Over the hills itself speaks for people who are over the age of 40. The cake can be shaped in the form of a hill with vultures, tombstones, grim reapers, or dentures and some other classic symbols on it. At the sides, you can decorate it with gold ribbons and edible confetti. You can place glittering inextinguishable candles at the top to let that poor old man keep blowing forever.
Reach 50, Ease at 50
Some men are fussy about not celebrating their birthday at all as they get old. Many others want to, but somehow don't! Whatever may be the reason, if you plan out a proper surprise party on his birthday, with a designed themed cake depicting his personality of simply loving to live life at ease, maybe that would work out as one of the most funniest ideas. It would make him laugh and feel mutual while he would run down the knife in the cake. On the cake, you can create a chair with him sitting on it holding a newspaper or a TV remote. Perhaps, if you have a pet, place it next to his chair.
Besides just these themes, one can also try a huge variety of themes surrounding gadgets and tools, F1 racing car and racetrack, music (guitar or piano), favorite holiday destination, favorite Hollywood actor, lucky number or sign, and so on. Make sure that whatever you bake or present, make it with all your happy heart! He is experiencing this milestone just once, so make it memorable for him.
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