Inexpensive 50th Birthday Gift Ideas

If you are tight on the budget and are looking for inexpensive birthday gift ideas, then you can consider making handmade personalized gifts. Here are some ideas to consider.
BirthdayFrenzy Staff
A birthday is a day of fun, joy, and celebration. 50th birthday is the most important milestone in one's life and definitely one of the best moment to celebrate. So, if it's your partner's, mom's, dad's, friend's, colleague's 50th birthday, you must be looking for some great and memorable gifts for him/her. Although you may wish to gift a beautiful Christian Dior bag to her or take him out on an exotic meal, your budget does not permit you so. Well, in that case, you can go through the following gift ideas to look for something that does not burn a hole in your wallet.
Birthday Gifts on a Budget
Gone are the days when turning 50 was considered 'old' and you seriously had limited choices while gifting them. Today, the older generation is also very trendy and 'in vogue'. Therefore, you have many options to choose from.
If you wish to gift something thoughtful to the person, then you can start making this gift beforehand. Collect photos of the person from all his/her known friends and family members, paste them in a journal/scrapbook to make a collage. You can also ask each person (those present in the photos) to write something below the photo and gift this scrapbook/collage to the person.
Fortune Cookies
If it's not possible, you can alter this idea and instead ask each friend or close family member to write a single thing special about the birthday girl/boy. Collect fifty such replies, either fold them to make 50 fortune cookies, or write them on decorated pages and gift the person.
Baked Gifts
Talking of cookies, if you are a good cook (or even an average one who can manage a decent meal or cake), why not use your 'talent' to make an inexpensive yet creative birthday gift? You can bake cake or cookies, pack them in attractive gift boxes and gift as a homemade gift. Apart from cakes and cookies, you can also give several other baked food treats as gifts.
Al Fresco Dinner
Another inexpensive gift idea for a partner, mom or dad's birthday is to plan an Al fresco dinner in the backyard, complete with candles. You can cook a 5 course meal (need not always be exotic) and have a sit down dinner and a memorable time. You can invite over close family members to make it a fun and complete birthday celebration.
Handmade Gifts
You can use your art and craft talent and creativity to make homemade gifts. Handmade scarves and jewelry for women, and hand painted t-shirts, coffee/beer mugs for men are good options for inexpensive gifts. Similarly, you can also consider gifting hand painted frames, wine glasses, monogrammed blankets, etc., to elder people.
Gift Baskets
A gift basket is one such gift that suits every pocket. For inexpensive gifts, you can make food treat gift baskets, chocolate gift baskets, book gift baskets, etc. You can even make these baskets at home and personalize them with a handwritten note.
Gift Articles
If you cannot put any of the above ideas into practice or do not have time for the same, you can always shop for gifts online. Inexpensive gifts for women include jewelry (made of sterling silver with faux stones), make up, cooking ware, etc. For men, you can choose beer or coffee mugs, watches, corkscrew, decorate office stationery, etc.
You will find these gifts in the stores near you or can even shop on the Internet for the same. Lastly, remember that it is not the price of the gift, but the thought behind it and the gesture that matters. Good luck!
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