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50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Women That'll Make Their Day Memorable

If you are still wondering on what to gift your mom on her 50th birthday, then here are the options to check out.
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Feb 3, 2018
Reaching the milestone 50 is rejoiced by every woman and that birthday calls for a grand celebration with special heartwarming gifts. You can think of presenting something unique which will be quite different from those regular gifts available in any gift store. Furthermore, the gift must make her feel intensely glad on her birthday. To assist you in selecting the best gifts, I have come up with the 50th birthday gift ideas for women.
50th Birthday Gifts for Women
You start with the arrangements for throwing a lavish party on her birthday. Invite her friends and loved ones to make her feel special. And let everything remain a surprise for her. Simultaneously you can think of the options for gifts.
Jewelry Set
Possessing a brilliant collection of jewelry is an innate desire of almost every woman. If it's your wife's birthday, then purchasing a posh diamond ring would be a great idea. The other options are diamond necklace, earpieces, and bracelets. If diamonds exceed your budget, then go for gold/silver settings enamored with beautiful gemstones.
Travel Vouchers
It's the age to relax and for a change you can plan a tour to the most beautiful places on the Earth. Book the tickets beforehand and keep it a surprise for her. I'm sure she will be overwhelmed with joy after seeing the travel vouchers. The idea would indeed be special when you have planned to take her to her dream destination. Not only will the birthday be enjoyable, but the days ahead will be full of fun and joy.
Retro Candies
A pack of retro candies will remind of her younger days. Retro candies are one of those nostalgic gifts that makes one reminiscent of college life and school days full of adventure, bike rides, and numerous fun-filled activities. The sugary taste of the candies are amazing and they are packed in colorful wrappers. Some good options include, gourmet chocolate signature truffles, green marshmallow peeps, jelly belly blooming bottles, etc. You can also attach a note with each candy written especially for her.
Spa Vouchers
At 50 almost every woman loves to groom herself, and go for regular body care sessions. Therefore, get exotic spa vouchers from well-known spas. Some options include destination spa, resort spa, cruise ship spa, mineral spring spa, etc. The ambiance of such spas are lavish and I'm sure your lady will love the idea.
Birthday Bouquet
We all know that bouquets are quite common gifts for birthdays. But why not pick up 50 different flowers for the bouquet? Tough job isn't it? Well, you can get this done from floral shops having huge collection of seasonal flowers. I'm sure you will get 50 different species for making the bouquet. The huge bouquet having so many varieties of flowers would indeed be a heartwarming gift for her.
Gag Gifts
If you are looking for some funny 50th birthday gifts for women, then gag gifts would be the right option. You can come up with gifts that will be humorous, tricky, and funny at the same time. The options for gag gifts include time capsules (things relevant to her age will be packed in a capsule), customized T-shirts, jack in the box, etc. Play the prank and have fun.
Additional Gift Items
  • Wine lover's basket
  • Exotic bathrobe
  • Home decorative pieces
  • Apparel from luxury brands
  • Customized night lamps
  • Heirloom photo blankets
You can discover many other ways to make her birthday memorable. While deciding any gift, it's important to know her likes and dislikes. This way you will be able to pick up the perfect gift on her 50th birthday. Celebrate the day with friends and family and make it grand.
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Bridal Bouquet
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