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80th Birthday Ideas for Grandma to Make Her Feel Loved

80th Birthday Ideas for Grandma
If your grandma is celebrating her 80th birthday, why not make it special for her by planning a unique party? Scroll down for some interesting birthday party and gift ideas for grandma.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Although birthdays make you a year older than what you were, they are excellent occasions for celebrations. Whatever the age, celebrating birthdays is simply fun and joy. It is definitely something special if you are celebrating 80th birthday of a near and dear one. Here we will see more on party ideas and themes, as well as gift ideas for your grandma's birthday.
Ideas for 80th Birthday Party
Extended Family Group Fun
  • Birthday party ideas should be planned keeping the theme in mind. Here, you can use 80 as the theme and arrange the party accordingly. You can arrange for an antique theme like the classical ball and ask people to dress up accordingly.
  • You grandma will definitely love to relive the beautiful memories, and hence, you can plan for something like a trip down the memory lane. You can collect as many pictures, souvenirs of old times as possible, and make a collage of it as the theme of the party. As an activity for the function, you can arrange for people to express one of their most memorable memory about your grandma.
  • Apart from a personal memory trip, you can plan for the theme that spans the entire 80 years that she has lived. You can plan for a theme that includes foods dishes, music, fashion spanning from the year she was born, till date, each individual should be dressed according to the specific era. Your grandma will surely enjoy watching the entire duration of her lifetime in a different way.
Celebrating Eighty Years
  • A surprise party, although sounds cliched, is still the most cherished and loved birthday party ideas. You can call her close friends and family and plan a surprise party at her favorite restaurant, a posh resort, cruise, etc.
Gift Ideas for Grandma's 80th Birthday
Fathers day composition
  • You can plan for gifts according to the party theme. If the theme of the party is a trip down memory lane, then making a personalized scrapbook of photos, messages, letters, can be a good gift idea. There are several websites where you can get a personalized magazine, which can also be a great gift idea.
  • If the theme of the party is 80, one of the best birthday gifts include writing 80 things that you love about your grandma and reading it out at the party. You can also ask for contributions from other family members for this gift.
Gift from Great Grandson
  • You can look for keepsake gifts that will truly be memorable, rather than gifting something that it to be used. A plate with signatures or messages from her loved ones, a personalized tea/coffee mug with her name, naming a star certificate, etc., are some of the unique birthday gift ideas.
  • Lastly, for a surprise party, you can also look for surprise gifts like a copy of the newspaper printed in the year she was born, arranging for an old friend to attend the party, any rare memorabilia, etc., are some of the best gifts ideas for grandma.
These were some of the birthday ideas that you can choose from, for making the day special for her. Lastly, as a useful tip, note that you can plan and arrange the day in such a way that she should feel that being 80 is a special phase in her life, but, she still has a lot more to look forward to.
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