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50th Birthday Party Games: For You're Never Too Old to Have Fun!

50th Birthday Party Games
Are you looking for some wonderful 50th birthday party games? Then take a look at this article that provides some suggestions for games that can be played at a 50th birthday party.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
50th birthday is a milestone that needs to be celebrated in a special way. Games are an inevitable part of any party, since they bring in enjoyment and excitement to the celebrations. For a 50th birthday celebrations, you need some interesting and fun-filled games that are perfect for a family gathering. The games should be such that they add life and laughter to the party and every single person enjoys them.
Guess the Price
You must have seen this game played on many of the television shows. To arrange this game, you will require some special preparation. Find out the prices of some household items in the current year. To bring more fun to the game, try to find out prices of certain household items 50 years ago. These prices can be easily found on the Internet. You can divide the guests into teams or pairs. Provide the participants with paper and pen. Then, read out the name of the item and ask the participants to write down the correct price. In a similar manner, continue reading the names of the remaining items. Once all the items are over, announce the correct price of each item. Each correct guess of the price gets five points. The team with maximum correct price guesses wins the game.
Party Trivia
This is one of the best game ideas for a 50th birthday party. All you need to do is prepare a list of questions related to the birthday boy/girl. You can include simple questions like favorite holiday destination, favorite food, or favorite movie. You may include questions related to the field of interest of the birthday boy/girl. To make the game more interesting, you can also include some funny and silly questions. You can rope in all the guests at the party to play this game or you can take just a few. Make a total of all the correct answers of each contestant and award the winner with some nice prize.
Guess the Tune
This is a musical game where the guests have to guess the song from the tune played. You can make a collection of old and new songs to play. Select songs that were popular in the year the birthday girl/boy was born. Play the first two lines and ask the guests to guess the correct song. Once the correct guess is made, ask the guests to sing the song. The participant who makes maximum correct guesses wins the game.
Recalling the Crazy Moments
This is a very exciting and funny game that your guests will surely enjoy. To play, provide plain white papers to each of the guest, and ask them to write down the craziest thing each of the participant has ever done in his/her life. The guests should not mention their names or any type of identification on the paper. Once they are done writing down their craziest thing, collect the papers and read them out one by one. Ask the guests to make guesses on who wrote each of the incidence. The guest who makes maximum right guesses wins some award. This game can be real fun where you will get to know some hidden secrets about your friends and family.
These were some 50th birthday party game ideas for you. I hope you will include these games in your celebrations and enjoy the party. Have a blast!
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