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Marvelously Quirky Gag Gifts for a 50th Birthday

Gag Gifts for a 50th Birthday
Are you searching for some unconventional, funny 50th birthday gifts? Here are some amazing gag gifts that you can choose from!
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
People in their late 40s and 50s would know exactly what Earl Wilson meant when he classified middle age as "Later than you think and sooner than you expected". That is, indeed, a perfect definition for the dreaded years.
A 50th birthday is often looked upon as a dreadful D-day. It is often considered as the baptism into old age. However, there is no reason why this day shouldn't be enjoyed. After all, every birthday is a cause for celebration, isn't it? A good 50th birthday gift should be reminiscent of the past and not a glimpse into the future. That's where a big birthday bash and cheerful gifts come in. A ludicrously expensive walking stick, to cite an example, is never a good idea for a 50th birthday gift. These are some ideas for a mid-life birthday gift that would light up the good old face. Oops! No, not old ... well, you know what I mean!
Amazing Gag Gifts for a Fiftieth Birthday
Backwards Clock
This is one of the funniest gag gifts. As the name says, this special clock has everything on backward. The numbers are inscribed in an anticlockwise direction and are sometimes even upside down or reversed! Deciphering the time will, no doubt, be a difficult task, but that is not really what it's for, is it? Besides, what can be a better gift for those who must secretly be wishing they could turn back a few years!
Artificial Tattoo Sleeves
This gift is for all those beauty kings who just refuse to give up on the way they look. These artificial tattoo sleeves look exactly like the real tattoos; the only difference is that they need to be 'worn' instead of 'inked'! Tattoo sleeves are available in many designs. You can choose the one which suits the birthday star's personality. This gift will surely make them feel cool and, more importantly, about 20 years younger!
Personalized Bags
Absent-mindedness is one of the main characteristics of middle age. This gag gift is designed to take care of that. All you have to do is take a bag and paint something like 'I still got it!' or 'Did I forget to forget this?' on it! Not only the birthday star, but anybody who looks at the bag will have a good laugh.
Survival Kit
As the name suggests, this is a kit which has to be filled with things which are a must in the approaching old age. But as the gift is meant to be funny and not depressing, trivial gags should be added to the kit. Things like chattering teeth, an empty box with the label 'magical dye for everlasting black hair', photos of the person during his youth etc., can be a good option. You can also add more things of your own.
Gift Basket
It is often said that old people are just like kids. This gift basket is dedicated to that trait. Take a small basket and fill it with lollipops and decorate it with fancy pink ribbons (remember to tone the ribbons down for birthday 'boys'). To make it more cheerful, add a tag on the basket which says, 'Young at heart' or 'Forever Young'!
I hope you can organize a great party for a 50th birthday with these gag ideas. Whichever gift you choose, keep in mind that the purpose of the gag gifts is to make the birthday cheerful and not letting the birthday stars brood on the impending 50s!
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