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Utterly Mesmerizing 50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women

50th Birthday Party Ideas for Women
Planning a birthday party for the golden girl? Read through this article to make sure you get it all right. After all, it's not everyday a woman turns 50.
Neha Joshi
Last Updated: Mar 13, 2018
A half century! WOW! Time for some big celebration and a grand party. If it's your mom's birthday, it's time to start planning soon. Take some time off and start planning her birthday party now. If it's your wife's birthday, it's time for some expensive shopping and a lot of effort from your side. Here are some birthday party ideas that you might like. These will not only make the party a complete success, but also a special affair.
Interesting 50th Birthday Party Ideas
Theme Thinking
Perhaps the most important part of a party is its theme. At the age of 50, we know what our mothers like and what they don't. The theme should be either something very funny so there are a lot of laughs, or it should be something that your mother or wife absolutely loves. Some good options are pirates, cartoons, vampires and ghosts, fairies, and royalty. Make sure you arrange the food, music, and decorations according to the theme.
Something Different
Don't forget to do something different at the party. For example, you can make a video montage especially for this occasion. Collect all the photographs from her youth, as many as you can. Collect videos and photographs of all the special moments―her first birthday, her wedding day, the day she had her first child, etc. Try to recollect all these special moments. Compile all these together. What a gift!
The Surprise Element
This is very important when you are planning a birthday party for someone. A well-planned surprise birthday party is half the battle won. We all know that, don't we? Plan the party well and don't let her know even a bit of it. Once you throw the party, ask everyone to say something for her. Tell them to prepare this speech when you invite them. Also, ask everyone to sign a big card; give this to her to read later. That's too many surprises for a day, isn't it? She sure is going to love them all.
A Party Abroad
If it's your wife's 50th birthday, take her on a vacation to one of the most exotic destinations possible. If there is a destination she's been wanting to visit for sometime, then that destination is your gift to her this birthday. Ask her where she wants to go, unless you want this to be a surprise. Paris, Venice, Denver, and Switzerland are some of the romantic destinations around the world.
A Quiet Evening
If as a couple, time is difficult to find, this birthday give it all to her. Take out some time for her on her 50th birthday and do something special. Cook her favorite food and keep some wine ready for the evening. Watch her favorite movie and buy her an expensive necklace. Buy her a nice dress; her favorite color. Have a private party of your own.
Start planning soon and make sure you don't leave anything undone. Think of all the possible ways in which you can make her happy and put in all your efforts in making this one of the best possible birthdays for her.
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