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Birthday Ideas for Husband Turning 30

Thoughtful And Romantic Birthday Ideas for Your Husband Turning 30

Are you looking for some interesting birthday ideas for your husband who is turning 30 this month? This BirthdayFrenzy article will give you some of the best and unique ideas that can make this birthday all the more memorable and special for him.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Your husband is turning 30 this month, he is stepping into an age which is considered to be a crucial period in someone's life. He can either be very excited about his 30th birthday, or a little disappointed about it. Most of us plan what we want to achieve in life by the time we become 30, but sadly, most of the time, things don't go as planned! This is the reason why this birthday reminds us the difference between what we wanted to be and what we actually are!

If you think your husband can be a little disappointed on his birthday, then don't worry, he won't, you know why? Because you will be there for him to make this day all the more special, and to shoo away all the worries and disappointments that he is dealing with right now. On the other hand, if he is super excited about his birthday, then you are there to make sure that his birthday goes much better than what he is expecting.
8 Special 30th Birthday Ideas for Your Husband
Anything that you do to bring a smile on your husband's face is special indeed, even if your gesture is as simple as baking a cake for him! The kind of ideas that you select for him depends upon his individual nature and preferences. If your husband is the outgoing and adventurous kind, then he would definitely want to spend his birthday outdoors with family and friends. On the other hand, if he is the kind who prefers staying indoors and wants to keep it all private, then he would probably want a quiet evening with just you and the family. So alter the ideas that you plan for his birthday accordingly!

For your convenience, we have divided the ideas into two sections, four for the outgoing husbands, and the other four for those who like it simple and quiet, summing up to a total of 8 ideas. These ideas vary from being totally social and loud, to being totally romantic and private. However, you can make your own alterations after gauging what the occasion demands.
30th Birthday Ideas for Outgoing Husbands
If your husband isn't the sort who can sit at home and celebrate his day, then you must plan something exquisite for him outdoors. Does he love adventure? Is he into sports? What is his favorite outdoor activity? What do you think will make him the happiest on his birthday? Have a look at the following birthday ideas you can plan for your highly social husband.
Another New Adventure It Is!
1Another New Adventure It Is
Is there an adventure sport that he wanted to try since a long time but didn't get a chance to? If yes, then this is the perfect time to fulfill all his unfulfilled wishes. Adventure sports such as bungee jumping, sky diving, snorkeling, etc., will not only be fun, but make both you and your husband feel like a kid all over again!
For the Sports Buff!
2 For the Sports Buff
Is your husband just crazy about sports? If yes, then there would be nothing more perfect than arranging a 'sports day out' for him! You can book a whole set of seats depending upon the number of guests accompanying you. Watching your husband's favorite sport and cheering his favorite sports team with an entire group of friends and family would simply make this day all the more special for him. After the game you all can also eat at a restaurant and book a room decorated specially for your husband. Watching sports, eating and drinking with friends and family... what else would a man want on his birthday?
Surprise For the Socialite Man!
30 Birthday Party
Another good idea for your extrovert and adventurous husband would be to organize a dinner party with all his close friends and family. If you want you can also introduce a party theme, or a dress code, maybe the characters of his favorite movie, wherein your husband is dressed as the main protagonist. Or, you can also base the dress code theme on the colors of his favorite sports team. These themes and dress codes will spice up the party and make his birthday extremely memorable.
30 Gifts for the 30 Years!
4-30 Gifts for the 30 Years
This is one idea that no man in this world would mind, no matter what his nature is! We think that this whole hype of women being shopaholic is quite misleading, as most men also have a taste of new things, especially when it involves gadgets, booze, sports, or something that they are passionate about. Why not give him a unique collection of some exotic gifts, for each of his birthday. It could be anything, from his favorite sports jersey to his favorite perfume. And when you tag yourself too as one of the many gifts, trust me, his smile would spread beyond his face!
30th Birthday Ideas for Modest Husbands
Not all men love sports, adventure, outings, and parties! There are some men who would rather spend their birthday among close family members, rather than being between a huge crowd. At times, the time spent with people who are really important in your life is more valuable than spending hours partying with a crowd of mostly acquaintances. If your husband is the sort who would prefer spending some quality time with you and the kids and get away from the people he has to deal with every other day, then have a look at the aforementioned ideas.
Win His Heart Through His Stomach!
5-Win His Heart Through His Stomach
Cook something special for him, this includes his favorite cake, favorite meals, and serve these with his favorite drink. If he and you can manage to get a day off on his birthday, then both of you can cook together. Start baking a cake and playing like 2-year-olds busy dirtying each other's face with flour and cream. Not only is this one of the most romantic birthday ideas for your husband, it will also take his mind off from the responsibilities and tensions of everyday life for some time.
A Romantic Getaway!
6-A Romantic Getaway
Take him away from the usual life... just for that one day. Just plan a mini trip to a place in the outskirts of the city. Make a reservation in a resort which is located somewhere close to nature. Let the peace and serenity of nature relax his mind. Go out sightseeing, have some good food, drink wine, groove to some good music, and let him spend the entire day in your arms.
His Day, His Rules!
7-His Day, His Rules
Another good idea for your husband's birthday is to let him do whatever he wants. Meaning, if he loves to watch movies or play video games, allow him to do that all day! In fact, you can get a collection of his favorite movies, arrange a huge bucket of popcorn, and spend the whole day with him watching his choice of movies. Isn't this one of the most thoughtful birthday ideas for your husband on a budget? Anything that makes him happy!
May All His Wishes Come True!
8-May All His Wishes Come True
If your spouse is the sorts who has never really shared his innermost desires and aspirations, perhaps because of being overloaded with responsibilities, then this idea would help him peek into his long-forgotten aspirations. Gift this special wish box to him and ask him to write in all his dreams and wishes. Your birthday gift to him would be a commitment that you will support him in every possible way to work towards fulfilling these dreams. Thoughtful, romantic, and heartfelt indeed!
Dedicate the entire day to him, as if this day is meant to be entirely for him, with him, and all that is important to him! He probably has a lot of 'other' things stressing his mind out... and if through your efforts, you are successful in making him realize that you are always there with him through thick and thin, and even though he has passed 30 years of his life, there are still a lot of things to enjoy and experiences to gain, and if you can make him feel 'what a wonderful life it is', then you have done exactly what was needed!
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