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Brilliant Themes And Ideas for 60th Birthday Cakes

60th Birthday Cakes
Many people tend to get confused when it comes to deciding the cake design for a person's 60th birthday. Take a cue from this article which gives you some wonderful ideas that can make the celebration all the more peculiar.
Mayuri Kulkarni
Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Although the number is sixty
you still seem so naughty
another forty and you will be hundred
keep going we know you can do it
today is all about you and only you
we are here because we love you
you are special don't you forget that
blow the candles, cut the cake, and don't let go of your hat
Milestone birthdays, like the 60th birthdays are special and need to be celebrated in a memorable way. A birthday party is an occasion to celebrate and share our happiness with our family and friends. Cakes are an inevitable part of this occasion and for such milestone birthdays, you need some special and different ideas. It can either be very simple yet sweet, or it can be very creative and innovative.
Some Ideas
Before deciding the design and flavor, first ask yourself what exactly do you want to portray through the cake. Some may like to stress on the age, while some prefer to portray some unique feature of the person on his/her special day. Furthermore, deciding the birthday cake theme can help in deciding the shape of the cake. Here are some suggestions and ideas for choosing a cake for both men and women, that might prove useful.
Number "60": If you want to show the significance of the number 60, you can come up with some designs that implement this number. You can have several designs with this cake idea. You can have a large cake with frosting in shape of this number. Else you can have a cake with two separate numbers, "6" and "0". Moreover, you can even have 60 cupcakes arranged in a creative way.
Hobbies: These days you can easily get personalized cakes that reflect the hobby of the birthday person. Say if he/she loves cooking then you can come up with some ideas that would reflect his/her love for cooking. If football is his/her favorite sport, then you can have it with the shape of a football or even a football ground.
Quotes: There are various funny and serious birthday quotes that can also be used. All you need to do is while ordering the cake, have a 60th birthday quote carved on it. It is not compulsory to use only age-wise quotes, you can also have some nice life quote or love quote that the birthday person loves the most and always preaches about.
Favorites: One more creative option is using the favorite Hollywood actor or favorite car, anything that is a favorite of the person. If he/she loves some car brand, you can have it the shape of that car.
Profession: It may also reveal the profession of the person. Say if he/she is a doctor, you can have it in the shape of some medical equipment or say if he/she is in the army, then a military tank shape would surprise him/her.
Only deciding the design, does not end your job. You also need to finalize whether you would prepare it by yourself or would order it from a bakery. If you are going to have a simple one then bake it at home, however, for one with a personalized design and theme, it is better to order the same from a bakery.
One can choose any of the aforementioned ideas, mainly the one that has appealed you the most or create some of your own unique ideas to make it one special day.
Picture a soccer ball
chocolate birthday cake with lit candle
Cake figure