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Priceless 70th Birthday Party Ideas That Will Recreate the Past

70th Birthday Party Ideas
A 70th birthday has much significance. If you're planning a party for your parent, re-create those beautiful moments which bring a smile on their face whenever recollected. From invitations to favors, keep handy few ideas which can help you plan every aspect of your event.
Girija Shinde
Last Updated: Jan 24, 2018
Being 70 is nothing but being 35, with 35 years of experience.
- Unknown
Whether it's the 17th or 70th, a birthday is always a special day. If someone close to you is celebrating a birthday, it's your duty to make that day as special as you can for him/her. A 70th, however, is nothing less than a feat. 7 decades! That's some time now, ain't it?

If you're planning this birthday for someone, you must get everything right. Give attention to the smallest of details and let this be a perfectly planned party.

To help you plan this perfect event, here are all the 70th birthday party ideas you need, to help you start your preparations ASAP. Select a theme, and you have everything that needs to be planned with it, listed in detail for you.
Theme 1: Walking Down Memory Lane
The Idea
This theme will focus on all important aspects of the birthday girl/boy's life till now. The guests will include everyone from friends to grandchildren. Choosing this theme will also mean inviting a lot of people. Select a spacious venue that can accommodate several tables. Let the atmosphere be calm, avoid loud music. Try finding your parent's friends from school, colleagues now not in touch, etc. Let few unexpected people be a surprise.
The Invite
The Food
For this theme, every single dish you prepare has to be one of your parent's favorites. Make a list of such dishes, and see if you've covered everything from appetizers to desserts. Even the beverages you serve have to be thought over. If you don't know all these, it's time you start finding out.
The Entertainment: Make a Video Montage
Think of the most important phases in your parent's life. A few of them would probably be marriage, parenthood, some milestone in his/her profession, etc. Get as many pictures as you can from your parent's childhood till now and make sure you cover the most important events. Make a video montage out of these pictures and videos, (yes, no scrapbooks!) and play it at the event.
The Favors
Want to give away something unique? Have a photographer click pictures of the birthday girl/boy with every guest present at the party. When the guests are leaving, give them an envelope with a code inside it and the domain of a website that currently says 'Under Construction'. Ask them to visit the website after 15 days to check for their gift.
After a fortnight when they enter the code, they should get to see and print their photograph. What's more? This website and the memories stay with you for life! Also add a personal message from the birthday girl/boy with every picture.
Theme 2: The Era
The Idea
The world we grew up in is very different from the one our parents grew up in. This theme will focus on the years spanning your parent's teenage. Whatever venue you select, give it a retro feel. Ask guests to dress up in fashions of that year. Do whatever it takes to create a complete yesteryear look.
The Invite
The Food
After you choose the decade, find out foods that were a trend then. For example, if you look for foods famous in the 1950s, you will learn that the first McDonald's franchise opened up then and can serve fast food ordered from there. Sushi also came to America in the same decade. Do a little research for the decade you select, and you won't have to rack your brains much.
The Entertainment: Remembering the Year That Was
There are two ideas you can use here. Either select the year your parent was born in, or select the decade you did before. Once you've finalized the year(s), ask everyone to dress according to the fashion in that year. For example, if you're celebrating the 50s, you can opt for an Elizabeth Taylor or Audrey Hepburn look. For this theme, you can have music played from the same time period. If possible, also rent a karaoke machine. With this done, hit the floor and dance the night away.
The Favors
Giving favors if you choose this theme is the easiest. You can have coasters printed. These coasters can have pictures of bands, musicians, or a particular fashion that was famous back then, etc. You can also give away accessories that were a rage then. If they can't be used now, you can give them away as mementos with your parent's and your guest's name engraved on them.
Theme 3: Reliving Childhood
The Idea
Want the birthday girl/boy to grow young for a day? Why, this is the perfect day to do so! Ask guests to dress up as Disney characters or famous cartoons. Decorate the entire venue with colorful balloons and ribbons. Have some music and lots and lots of games. It will be fun to see all the seniors dress up as kids, won't it?
The Invite
The Food
How would you plan your child's birthday? If you select this theme, you have to do just that. Fries, burgers, chips, pizza, etc., are just a few items you can think of. The cake HAS TO be that of a cartoon character, one that was your parent's favorite as a child.
The Entertainment: Let the Friends Talk
You know you were a naughty child when you were young; your sister probably knows she was a shy one. But, do you know what personality your parent was as a child? Do you know anything about your parent as a kid? Well, this is your time to share these stories with the world. Ask your parent's friends to talk about their childhood and share stories that are perhaps as old as your parent!
This is a great idea if you want a party sans all the music and dance. If this isn't possible, request close friends to say a few words about the birthday girl/boy.
The Favors
From movie DVDs to posters, you can give away a lot of stuff here. Want something quick? Get DVDs of Disney movies and give them away. For the kids, you can probably have stuffed Disney toys or stationery. If you have time, get T-shirts printed with cartoon characters; write the guest's name on the back.
From themes to favors, we have covered everything in these 70th birthday party ideas. All you need to do, is select one theme and you have the rest prepared for you already.
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