Amazingly Excellent Ideas for a 60th Birthday

60th Birthday Ideas
If you're planning a 60th birthday party for your mom or dad, take a look at some fun party ideas that you can choose from.
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Last Updated: Jul 28, 2017
Everyone's favorite day in the entire year is their birthday. A 60th birthday is a big milestone in life and needs a celebration. This occasion is a great reason to invite all your family members and friends to have a grand function for the 'birthday boy/girl'. Ever since you were a kid, it was always your parents who celebrated all your birthdays with great enthusiasm. Your mom used to bake yummy cakes and dad would get you your favorite toy. Wouldn't it be great if you could plan a memorable 60th birthday for them? Indeed, if you need help in planning one for either your mom or dad, here are some party ideas.

For Mom

Your mom is the most special person in your life. From the time you are born, she takes care of you and knows every part of you. If you haven't got a chance to say that big fat thank you to her, do it by showing her how important she is to you. Plan a great 60th birthday to make her feel special and loved.
  • Going retro is one of the warmest party ideas for your mother. Collect all her childhood to youth pictures and prepare a slide show to take her back to her old days that she often misses.
  • Sneak her old and new address book from her purse and find all her old contacts. If you can find some of her very old school friends whom she's lost contact with and would love to see her again, call them up and invite them for the big party.
  • Decorate the whole house or garden with her favorite flowers or decorations and make it look impressive. Hang a 'happy birthday' streamer right in the middle of the venue.
  • Bake a beautiful cake of her favorite flavor, in return for all those yummy and delicious frosty cakes she baked for you every single birthday of yours.
  • Collect some of her favorite retro and classic music songs that she used to like in her young days, and play it in the party. You can even sing to her, one of her all-time favorites and make her sing along with you (rent a karaoke machine to remind her of the lyrics).
  • To pep up the mood in the party, plan some fun games, like Bingo and other interesting party games.
  • Cook some party food and bring some drinks for all your guests. Have them dance to some retro hits of their time.
  • Let your mom and the guests have a fun time and then at the end give her your present to show her, she is truly valued. You can even close the evening by saying a few words about your mom or letting her share her thoughts.
For Dad

Dads are equally lovable and important. They make up for the extra nine months your mom carries you, by loving you throughout their lives. Your dad can be the only person, who will know what you want even though you don't say a word about it to anyone. He will not only be your pillar but also your pillow to cry on. On your dad's 60th birthday, give him the best gift of acknowledgment he will always cherish.
  • You can collect your dad's childhood and youth pictures too. But, instead of making a slide show, print them and hang them all around the party venue with strings and decorations.
  • Bake him a huge soccer or baseball-shaped cake (whichever is his favorite) and light it with 60 candles.
  • Invite all his high school and college friends along with your entire family and make a toast to his life and him.
  • If you want, you can make a documentary on all his achievements in life and make him feel proud of himself.
  • Give him a great gift and let his friends share some experiences and memories about him and their 'good old days'.
With these 60th birthday ideas, we are sure your mom and dad are going to have a great birthday this year. Have fun!
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