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Aged to Perfection! Delightful Ideas for Your Mom's 80th Birthday

80th Birthday Ideas for Mom
Here are some unique, fun, and interesting 80th birthday ideas for mom to make her day special and memorable. Read on to know more.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
So, your mother is turning eighty and you want to make the day special for her? If you ask me, the best way to do that is to throw her a birthday party where she is the guest of honor, with all her children, grandchildren, siblings, extended family, and close friends in attendance. I know it can be quite difficult to manage and pull off such a party, with so many people of all ages attending it, but it's your mother's 80th birthday. Wouldn't you love to see her smile and feel great about her life, with so many people around her who simply adore her? So, scroll down and have a look at these interesting birthday ideas, which are sure to find you a lot of appreciation from your mother.
Party Theme, Decorations, and Activities
  • Music Theme:
    When planning an 80th birthday party for your mother, decide on a theme first. Choose a theme according to your mother's likings. For instance, if she likes to listen to music, you can have a party with a "musical theme" in which you play music which was popular during her youth. Plan the decorations as well as the invitations keeping this very theme in mind. You can have posters and cut-outs of famous singers in the 60s and 70s as party decorations. To add to the fun, have a karaoke machine so that everyone - kids, adults, and the elderly - can have a gala time singing to some popular old numbers.
  • Memory Theme:
    "Going down the memory lane" is a very popular theme for an elderly birthday party. You can keep a slideshow at the venue wherein you display photographs of your mother, right from her childhood to her college days, her marriage, and your marriage as well. Divide the slideshow into eight different decades and then show the pictures. Everyone present at the party (including your mother) will feel great to see how her life evolved and changed as the decades went by.
When selecting the menu, include dishes that your mother likes. As kids will also be attending the party, you can have a separate fast food buffet as well. For the elderly who may not be in good health, keep some delicious oil and sugar-free foods, snacks, and desserts. Instead of the birthday cake, keep cupcakes in different flavors in the shape of a three-tier cake. That way, children get to pick their favorite flavor, while the elderly can pick the sugar-free ones.
  • "Memory" Book:
    Make a "memory book" for your mother. In this book, each of the family members as well as close friends gets a page to design. They can write quotes or poems on the page, draw pictures showing appreciation for your mother, or share something special that they have with her. Your mother will certainly feel touched with this gesture.
  • 80-Somethings:
    Gift her something that she likes. For instance, if she loves wine, gift her 80 wine bottles. If she loves to cook, give her an assortment of herbs, cheese, sauces, utensils, cookbooks, etc., (80 things in total) which she can make use of while following her passion. Another fun gift is to have 80 helium balloons stringed on rods and then have your mother cut the strings one by one for everyone to see the balloons in the sky.
  • Something Rare:
    If you are looking for some fun birthday presents for your mother, see if you can get hold of a newspaper of the day she was born. Your mother will be thrilled about receiving such a rare gift. You can even get it scanned and enlarged, and put it up on the wall as party decoration. Kids can have a lot of fun time reading the prices of the things in "those days".
In the end, it does not matter whether you hold a grand party or call only the immediate family, as your presence is more than enough to make your mother feel happy. However, if you plan something special for her and put love into everything you do, she will never forget her 80th birthday.
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